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Dny evropského dědictví přitáhly do centra Olomouce davy lidí.

European heritage days are also looming in the backyards of the Archbishop’s Palace

Crowds of people went to downtown Hana for a rich cultural program that revived the Horni and Dolny Names from Friday to Sunday, but also breathed life into the streets of Ostružnická or Lost. A novelty this year was the opening of Uncle Vero’s backyard on Riegrová Street, whose corridor is decorated with photographs of Jindřich Štreit.

“Some parts of the building are baroque, and the dominant feature in the courtyard is the column. The inner mass was in a desolate state for a long time, but thanks to Jiří Jirák, who moved into the house, the mess was cleaned up and the whole neglected area got a new look,” said Arnücht Vasek, who served Visitors in the backyard on Riegrov Street.

In the clip, visitors can admire Jindřich Štreit photos from the cycle dedicated to the famous Olomouc character, Ferdinand Bulakovic.

They set up a photo corner with balloons and a cradle at the Maternity Hospital in Olomouc

“The backyard is also called Uncle Vero after him, and it has another story. Ferdinand was on the street for about a year, and when he met Jirka, he got a job for him. And just as the backyard was gradually being assembled, so was Uncle Jerk being collected.”

The attraction at this year’s European Heritage Days in Olomouc was also the Living Street Project.

“We made sure to close two streets in the center – Ostružnické and Ztracené – and offered the operators, whether they were different cafes or shops, to place chairs and tables outside and thus present themselves from the outside. On behalf of the organizers, Radim Schubert, Head of Culture Department of Olomouc Municipality explains, Street musicians are playing in the streets and people can have a fun evening here.”

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Every year, the organizers try to combine a tour of the monuments with a rich cultural program. So, on Friday evening, the European Heritage Days began in Olomouc with a show at the Moravian Open Air Theatre.

“We always have the outdoors on Fridays, and this time the Revizor was chosen by NV Gogol. We had six hundred chairs ready and they were completely full. Despite the fact that the weather was not in our favour and some people left early,” said Radim Schubert.

Swimming in the Náklo sandpit, July 2022.

Another lake near Nakla? Many locals oppose it and there will be a referendum in the elections

On Saturday, it was already clear, so the crowds took to the streets. The youngest visitors enjoyed the diverse program of the Tramtaria Theatre. “We have prepared for the children the grandfather’s tale, as well as a workshop with the Levitary Circus, the fairy tale Eminka and Emousek or the songs of Uncle Lysek. “Balloons are the most popular courses, but there is also interest in art and face painting workshops,” said Ilyshka Rylova of the Tramtary Theatre. .

Several performers took turns on stage at Horní náměstí during the Saturday afternoon, and the interested enjoyed a rich companion program in the form of costume swaps, green swaps or farmers’ markets under windmills.

Archeology under siege

Visitors from further afield, as well as residents of Olomouc, stormed the monuments at the weekend. There has been a lot of interest in the guided tours of the Archbishop’s Palace, as well as other attractions that Hana’s capital can boast – from churches to museums to the Holy Trinity Column.

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“Traditionally, we have managed to make available from six to seven dozen monuments – museums, galleries, fortresses, but also those that are usually inaccessible to the public – for example, the steam-pumping station in Cvalkovice. Throughout the week, from Monday to Sunday, we have prepared a series of tours Guided tours of interesting places not only in the center of Olomouc, but also in the suburbs, such as Chvalkovice, Chumutov or Cernovir. Also, we made the Olomouc underground metro under Smetano in Sadi, which was built during the reign of Maria Theresa, accessible to all. ”