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European sanctions on Russia are complete. Although destroying goods will do more damage than others, they can also be converted into weapons

eAccording to diplomatic sources, the vote and its allies completed the preparation of sanctions that would honor Russia in the event of the fall of Ukraine. Among them are trade defects for entire sectors, as well as the defeat of some Russians for the countries of the European Union and the United States. On the other hand, the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was not included in the sanctions package. According to information from HN and, the Czech Republic will be most affected by the destruction of the import of goods or the so-called double life of Russia – that is, a person who can be transferred to weapons or handcuffed with weapons systems.

Currently proposed penalties are of three types. On the other hand, changes in sectors that should affect, for example, financial operations and discourage Russian banks from retiring in the capital markets. Exclusion of the whole of Russia from the international payment system – Under the acronym SWIFT – On the contrary, in the sanctions package no. There was no unanimous support among EU countries for such an extreme move that sanctions would require.

According to the European blacklist ethnicity. To it will be added the names of the Russians, who took part in the conclusion that the Crimea is still Russian. At the moment, 177 people and 48 organizations are on the EU’s list of those who are not allowed to enter the EU country.

The third type of agreed sanctions is the strict control of exports to Russia and the destruction of imports of goods or double-users, which there are fears of abuse in violent operations. The European definition of these goods was revised and expanded last year.

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“These are things like satellites, nuclear technology, low-visibility systems, certain types of drones or chemicals, and the development of specific components that can be used in the military,” said Berta Marketa Grigorov, who said in the European Parliament.

The main exports of these goods are the Germans, the French and the Dutch. According to information from HN and, this category of sanctions will also be respected in connection with the traditional export of industrial products to Russia. How accurately and how many Czech producers will be punished, but this is not clear.

“This information is not public,” Gregory said. The same answer was given by CzechTradev Moskv tpn Jlek. He only said, “It’s dark now.” Unofficial estimates indicate that the destruction of one or more types of goods will affect the number of Czech companies in the case of Russian flows into Ukraine.

often inflated Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, which is located in Germany, there is no set of penalties. He left his fate to Berlin, Washington and Moscow in the case of Wolves v Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Schulz is a tactician around the pipeline.

His unquestionable fall by the wolves prevented it, but now he was not ruling it out. Schultz told Kiev at the week’s arrest that “Russia’s response will be far-reaching and clear, and no one doubts that.” Nord Stream 2 u has been completed, approved for operation by the German regulator.

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While the EU remains united regarding the scope of the sanctions, there is no consensus between them when they should be in effect. st land hard, euv The case of Russian cyber flow against Ukraine. Hungary But she, for example, insists that there should be a military invasion of states.