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European travel revenue to the United States has surpassed $ 35 billion

European travel revenue to the United States has surpassed $ 35 billion

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Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council, released a statement today welcoming the United States’ decision to lift the travel ban and lift air restrictions.

“The removal of restrictions on Atlantic travel between the EU and the United Kingdom is welcome news, not only for tough airlines, but also for the wider travel and tourism sector devastated by the Govt-19 epidemic,” Simpson said.

It will finally reunite families, resume business travelers face-to-face meetings and events, and return travel and tourism to give greater impetus to these economies. With more than $ 11 billion worth of visitors to the economy in 2019, and the UK worth more than $ 11 billion, the move demonstrates just how important this move is.

“The World Tourism Council has long called for the reopening of the United States. Our research shows that the move could cost the U.S. economy $ 198 million every day, and the Council calls on all vaccinated citizens to travel freely and safely.

On Monday, the United States administration took decisive action to lift the entry ban on travelers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, 26 Schengen countries, China, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil. They have been banned from entering the country for more than a year, and the White House has announced that they will be allowed to enter the country. Passengers from the above countries, including those in the European Union, have been vaccinated to enter the United States in November. The same passengers will be exempted from isolation requirements, and children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine will be exempted from the immunization requirement.

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