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European Union tourists complain of serious bullying at British borders 28 May 2021

European Union tourists complain of serious bullying at British borders 28 May 2021

28. 5. 2021

They told him that his 4,500 euro wage “was not sufficient for his residence in Britain” and that the fact that he had no return ticket or a job raised their suspicions.

D’Alberti planned overland tourism from his home on the Cote d’Azur as entertainment during a pandemic trip to Ireland, where he wanted to meet his wife’s family. Instead, he said they held him for hours, fingerprinted and photographed him “as if I was a criminal” because he had not built all hotels after the quarantine and he did not have a return ticket.

“It was disgusting. I feel disgusted by the way I have been treated. I’ve never been offended in my life. I will never go back to Britain again. Britain no longer exists for me. It’s not in my vocabulary. Only the Arctic follows Calais.”

Almost the same thing Angelina, a Danish chef who came from Gotland with her boyfriend, experienced. “I went with him to visit his parents. I have a job here in Denmark and plan to stay in England for three weeks.”

Like D’Alberti, British immigration officials in Calais Angelina were barred from entering the country. So she tried to fly to London’s Heathrow Airport, where she was held and placed in a cell for five hours. Despite receiving a return ticket on June 16 and insisting on exercising her right as an EU citizen to visit Britain without a visa, immigration officials planned to deport her and prevent her from meeting her boyfriend. She was finally released at 10:30 pm, which Angelina described as a “frightening” experience. British immigration officials couldn’t explain why they took so long or why they were holding her. They also searched her luggage and asked her about her job in Denmark and her parents.

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