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Europe’s best cities in 2021: the winner is Istanbul

Europe’s best cities in 2021: the winner is Istanbul

Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Gave it back to his readers Possibility Vote for the best cities in Europe. Standards include a world-class gastronomic scene, a variety of smart hotels, a friendly home and an interesting history. Let’s take a look at the nine winners.


1. Istanbul, Turkey

We were pleased with this choice, because we also love beautiful Istanbul. Oriental architecture is like a tale of a thousand and one nights, you can experience the Bosphorus by boat and don’t forget to taste Turkish dishes from kebabs to sweet baklava. In Istanbul, commerce is booming, and handicrafts and bazaars carry the pleasant aroma of fresh spices that tempts the city to savor more. If you are a fan of travel chaos and like to visit destinations that never sleep, we recommend Istanbul to everyone.

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2. Porto, Portugal


3. San Sebastian, Spain

Saint Sebastian

4. Salzburg, Austria


5. Siena, Italy


6. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik - Croatia

7. Bruges, Belgium


8. Reykjavik, Iceland


9. Galway, Irisco


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