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Europe's eye on the Taliban .. "We will not recognize the movement's rule"

Europe’s eye on the Taliban .. “We will not recognize the movement’s rule”

while you get ready Taliban Which took control of the Afghan capital, Kabul, since the middle of last month (August 2021), to reveal its new government that will take over the reins of government in the country in the coming days.

In this cautious context, the European Union, whose defense ministers are meeting, today, Thursday, affirmed that it will not recognize the movement’s ruling except under certain conditions.

The High Representative for European Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, also stressed that the Afghanistan crisis will push the Union to build up its own security capabilities.

While Gunnar Wiegand, Director of Asia and Pacific Affairs at the European Commission, made it clear that the union will need to deal with the Taliban, stressing at the same time that Europe will not rush to officially recognize the movement as the new ruler of Afghanistan.

He also stressed that formal relations with the Taliban would only be achieved if the latter met specific conditions, including respect for human rights and unfettered access for aid workers. “There is no doubt in the (European Union) and G7 member states that we need to deal and communicate with the Taliban, and we also need to influence them by exploiting the influence that we have,” he said.

Members of the Taliban (archive – Associated Press)

Union terms

In addition, the European official clarified that it is not yet clear whether the Taliban will be able to govern effectively, but for the union, the main condition for official relations will be the formation of an inclusive and representative transitional government.

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Other conditions for recognizing the Taliban, according to Wiegand, include allowing free exit for Afghans wishing to leave the country, refraining from retaliation against those who worked with foreign powers or the previous government, and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists.

It is noteworthy that the Taliban, which took control of the country more than two weeks ago, announced more than once its readiness to deal with the United States And Western countries, trying to reassure the West that they will preserve human rights within what they said are their religious teachings.

However, many human rights organizations and Afghan activists expressed several fears of violations committed by the movement, which has a bleak history of repression, especially during its rule in the nineties.