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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the “Moderna” vaccine in the context of Qatar’s response to the pandemic

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the “Moderna” vaccine in the context of Qatar’s response to the pandemic

A large study of people who received a vaccine «Moderna» The anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Qatar indicates that the aforementioned vaccine is highly effective against the two strains «alpha» And«beta» Mutant virus «SARS-CoV-2», which are the two strains that were originally documented in the United Kingdom and South Africa, respectively.

“This is very good news,” says Laith Abu-Raddad, of Weill Cornell Medicine in Qatar, who specializes in healthcare policy and research, confirming the effectiveness of the vaccine against both symptomatic and asymptomatic infections, including severe cases.

The findings add further support to studies indicating the importance of an mRNA-based vaccine approach in responding to the pandemic.

The messenger RNA vaccines insert instructions inside cells to make them manufacture a protein that induces immunity, and these vaccines were not widely available for use in humans before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the vaccine «Moderna» It is one of only two mRNA-based vaccines that have been approved for use so far.

A mass vaccination campaign with a vaccine has begun «Moderna» In Qatar in February 2021, this coincided with two major waves of infection as a result of the emergence of two strains «alpha» And«beta» Mutant virus «SARS-CoV-2»The researchers say that this synchronization created a “unique opportunity for epidemiology” to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine on the ground in addressing infection with the two new mutations.

The researchers monitored clinical and experimental evidence for diagnosing the virus based on a sample of 256,037 people who received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 181,304 people who received two doses of it.

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The vaccination proved ineffective over the first two weeks, but soon its effectiveness reached 88.1% in preventing infection with the mutated strain. «alpha»The efficacy rate increased to close to 100% after receiving the second dose, and for the mutated strain «beta»The efficacy of the vaccine was 64.3% two weeks after receiving the first dose and 96.4% after receiving the second dose.

The decline in the odds of developing severe disease cases as a result of any form of “Covid-19” reached 81.6% and 95.7% after the first and second doses, respectively.

Wafa Al-Sadr, an epidemiologist at Columbia University in New York State, who participated in the study, says: The results from Qatar are very important, and shed light on the central question of whether the current vaccine is able to protect us from new mutated strains of the virus or not. “The news is completely reassuring,” she adds.

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