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Everyone Wants Money to Invest, Nobody Wants to Make Repairs, MP Says About $100 Billion Recovery Plan

What we ask in the interview:

  • How will the national recovery plan, for which the Czech Republic is drawing billions of dollars in European subsidies, change?
  • Why is it now clear that some projects will not be implemented?
  • Why does the government want to use the billion loan from the European Union?
  • What will happen if we do not achieve the goals and reforms that we committed to in the plan?

The Czech Republic also wants to receive loans through the new version of the National Recovery Plan. So far, the withdrawal of benefits from the plan has been slow and the minimum amount of money available to us has been spent. What would happen if we borrowed more billions and did not spend them?

In general, pumping cannot be called slow everywhere. A number of projects have already been implemented. But not using these resources would be a missed opportunity.

What do you think is the biggest problem with executing the plan?

There are many problems. On the one hand, there is inflation, limited time, but also significant fragmentation of the plan – 244 milestones and goals (specific An expression of the tasks that the Czech Republic has committed to in implementing the recovery plan). If we want to increase our ambitions, the purpose is not to add more milestones and goals. In modernization, we prefer fewer large projects. But the pressure from the ministries to add more small projects is great. In fact, we get access to fifteen new projects in the plan update. The fact that we have 244 goals and milestones is very demanding from a management point of view, and on the other hand, we have various risks, because something will definitely be achieved.

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Do you already have any suggestions from ministries that they would like to retract or change their goals? For example, can the deadline by which it will be completed be deleted or extended?

The biggest problem with the Czech plan is

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