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Everyone would like to have such friends.  Czech Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel remember - T24 - Czech TV

Everyone would like to have such friends. Czech Chandler, Ross, Joey, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel remember – T24 – Czech TV

Friends has also become friends with viewers of at least one generation. A group of six roommates from New York first introduced themselves in September 1994 – and they’d been on screen for ten years.

Today’s friends will be different

Three boys and three girls lived 236 episodes together and became a phenomenon of a generation that keeps returning to them with longing. “When I switch TV and pick it up, I love looking at it, because people are still finding new and new things out there, there is humor in the third plan,” admits Peter Rachel, who speaks Joy in a voice.

At the same time, young viewers are also discovering young people, although the time difference, in the current context, some propaganda positions may seem incorrect. Critics point out that the popular ’90s sitcom portrayed reality as a fairytale about happy white Americans.

“Then they can afford to pay more than it is today, especially in America, which seems to me to be completely divided between the sexes, and you don’t know much about it anymore,” says Daniel Ross, alias Ross. “If Friends Today was filmed, it would look different,” he had no doubt.

Time to get to know each other

Rossi is said to have liked to talk. “It gives me great pleasure to describe someone who radiates charisma, has a good sense of humor and can be considered a creative personality. But since he can be magnified in certain situations, something swallows him completely, so he cannot chew properly and sometimes stutter, it was difficult to describe it. He also revealed his coexistence with the distracted palaeontologist.

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However, like any other role, Ross had to “hop on” first. Helped identify the testers characters. “Back then, there was still honest dubbing, when we were all in the studio and rehearsing, so you knew what had to be dubbed,” says Aleš Procházka, who spoke to Matthew Perry as Chandler. He represented the patient Rostislav Čtvrtlík at the time.

“I came to friends in not very happy conditions. Czech TV asked me if I was going to add one line, because Ruska had to go through a difficult process. I set myself two conditions: Ros ita must know and agree to this and the fee will be added to the fight against cancer. So. I only spent a weekend or two with friends when the series was filmed. ” He admits that the Chandler character was coincidentally the most liked of him. He said, “It suited me for being the least active of them, which was very close to me.”

Perfectly tested humor

He appreciates that his dubbing colleagues have greeted him well. They agree that when dubbing Friends, there was a friendly atmosphere in the studio. “How many times did we laugh so hard that we couldn’t describe it when we broke down. It was also cool, thanks to the fact that we were together during filming, that we were able to correct the modification of the dialogue and the situations in which we were looking for, for example, funny words for a real saddle,” Remember Miriam Chetilova or Rachel.

Daniel Ross considers the presentation of the script to be one of the successes not only for dubbing, but foremost in the series itself. “He’s so cute, kind, the actors can fool together, but of course everything is practiced perfectly,” he has no doubt.

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“It’s kind of money. I don’t want to run, but I have a feeling a lot of screenwriters get involved, they tried to play it everywhere they could do, and the scenes where people didn’t laugh got rid of them. Also keep in mind that they only did eight parts.” From 25 minutes a year, I see quality there. And they just hit, “Peter Rachel sums up.

People need to make fun of themselves

Such success was not expected. It also stuns the idiots. “I thought I’d only dubbed a series for six weeks, maybe six episodes, I wasn’t even expecting it to last for ten years. When you live with a character for so long, you learn a lot. I knew exactly when to take a break, one would get used to that,” he says. Pavel Rachela Voyakova, Monica’s dubbing actor.

“I think the series is very successful even today, because it shows that they were actually friends. Nobody has deviated from there, there wasn’t a single star wanting to be a favorite,” says Stanislava “Phoebe” Jachnica.

According to Miriam Chetilova, the main reason is simple: “It’s just a soap opera about friendship and a satirical spirit. People need to make fun of themselves. This is how it works, and this is why a new generation of spectators is emerging, because everyone wants to spend time with such a group. “.