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“Everything is possible.” An adventurer with two amputees succeeds in climbing Mount Everest (witness). Variety news


Former Nepali soldier Hari Buddha Magar has become the first amputee of both legs above the knees to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain above sea level.

Harry Buddha Magar (43 years old) had both of his legs above the knees amputated after stepping on a hand-made mine during his service in Afghanistan in 2010, as part of a battalion of Nepali soldiers in the ranks of the British army.

Only two amputees with legs below the knees succeeded in climbing Everest, the New Zealander Mark Inglis in 2006, and the Chinese Xia Boyu in 2018.

Magar, who was equipped with prosthetic limbs, has previously climbed several peaks, including Mount Toubkal in Morocco, Ben Nevis in Scotland and Mont Blanc in Europe.

It is noteworthy that the former soldier had been prevented for several years from climbing the highest mountain in the world, under a Nepali law that prohibits climbing Everest for people who have lost their legs or who have lost their sight, for safety reasons. However, the Supreme Court of Nepal struck down the law in 2018.

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“We can adapt our lives to our time and situation, and then everything becomes possible,” Magar told AFP in April. “There are no limits, the sky becomes the limit.”

Nepal includes 8 of the ten highest peaks in the world, including Everest, which has a height of 8849 meters, while every spring season receives hundreds of climbers.

During the current year, the Nepalese authorities issued no less than (466) permits to climb Mount Everest for foreign climbers. And since most of them need guides, this means that more than (900) people will try to climb the mountain in the spring season, which lasts until the beginning of next June.