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Evidence for the existence of galaxies devoid of dark matter

Evidence for the existence of galaxies devoid of dark matter

An international team of astronomers has found no trace of dark matter in the galaxy (AGC 114905), despite making detailed measurements over a period of forty hours using the latest telescopes.

The team will present their findings in monthly notifications to the Royal Astronomical Society.

And when Pavel Mancera Peña of the University of Groningen and Astron in the Netherlands and his colleagues discovered six galaxies with a little dark matter, they were told, “Measure again, you will see that there will be dark matter around your galaxy.” However, after forty hours of detailed observations using The Very Large Array (VLA) in New Mexico, US, evidence for a galaxy devoid of dark matter is getting stronger.

The galaxy in question, AGC 114905, is about 250 million light-years away, and has been classified as a highly diffuse dwarf galaxy, where the name “dwarf galaxy” refers to its brightness rather than its size. a thousand times.

The prevailing idea is that all galaxies, and certainly highly diffuse dwarf galaxies, can exist only if they are held together by dark matter.

The researchers collected data about the rotation of gas in the galaxy for 40 hours between July and October 2020 using the Very Large Array (VLA) telescope. y, and this is a standard method for detecting the presence of dark matter.

The graph shows that the motions of gas in the galaxy can only be fully explained by ordinary matter.

Pavel Mancera Peña says in a report published, Monday, on the website of the Royal Astronomical Society: “This, of course, is what we thought and hoped because it confirms our previous measurements, but the problem now remains that there is a theory that predicts the presence of dark matter in the galaxy (AGC 114905), but Our observations say there is no dark matter, and in fact, the difference between theory and observation is getting larger.”

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