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In the second half of last season, Martin Černý became the center of attention thanks to his debuts with the BMW M3.

The oversized German beauty from Spain twice dominated the sprints in the History class. What was the path to the “eM troika” and what life step awaits Martin this year, you will find out in the next interview.

Isn’t it easier to start – VAZ or BMW?

“It’s nice in these carriages to see where the cars were in the East behind the Iron Curtain and how far west they were at that time. Even if the concept of the vehicles is identical, technically it’s ‘heaven and bagpipes’.” VAZ is a perfect Russian hammer, in Whereas BMW is pure German work against it.

You started with zhigulik for six years, how do you remember this period?

“I remember this period very positively, because the Zhiguli was my first proper racing car. I learned a lot from it in those six years. Above all, the fact that partial results are not important and also that the race ends with a finish ramp. Since the chassis, brakes and bodywork are in Zhiguli is very similar to a production vehicle, it is very important to combine driving style with technical possibilities.Since I got into this car as a complete beginner in rally, there were other things to learn besides turning the wheel.Here, I mainly aim to write a good schedule, And finding common ground with a co-driver and, in my case, a female co-driver, and everything competition-related. And that’s a lot of things (laughs).”

Where did the plan to get an M3 predator come from?

“Maybe it’s a surprise, but in my head (laughs). I’ve been thinking for a long time about what would be a suitable vehicle for ‘historians’ and after examining the options, I chose the M3. Choosing a car for the historian’s class is not easy at all. I found a lot of vehicles, but after checking for matches, access to parts, and generally when available, I found my dream cars to be completely unusable. This quickly narrowed down the list of options, making the choice obvious.”

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You sign me more or less … What were you looking for, what was your dream?

“A lot of beautiful cars were coming together. The most real to me was the Toyota Celica Turbo 4wd, which I even own, but can’t be raced. Then there are Lancias whether it’s an 037, HF-Integrale, Audi Quattro or Ford RS 200. Just the cars that Everyone wants it, and I think every connoisseur will agree with me that a handsome man is more beautiful than another.

Let’s move from dream to reality. What is your ‘EM Troika’ sports background?

“As soon as I decided to buy a BMW, the search began to find the right M3. After about a year of searching, the opportunity arose to buy a ‘Bavarian’ from Dani Sola of Spain, who personally raced at home. For those who don’t know, Dani joined a team Ford factory right after Roman Crest. After the first contact, it was clear to me that we were going to have to take a trip to Catalunya. That’s what happened, and after opening Dani’s garage, we were shocked. I’ve never seen so many gems together! Of course, the beautiful M3 is set up in Introduction, as well as several three-door Imprez WRC, Impreza 555, Porsche GT3 and a lot of other beauties. At that moment, an idea occurred to me and I immediately convinced Danny to ride me personally in a BMW M3. It was a very stupid idea (laughs We barely got five hundred meters and I wanted to get off while driving (laughs). This is a prime example that no ordinary rider is, and in what ‘world’ driving this applies at least threefold. Otherwise, Danny is a very likable and kind person. So it was The business is a success and I am in constant contact with Danny and I am very happy that he is supporting me.”

I wonder what your first impressions of BMW are…

“Honestly?! My first sentence was clear: “I’m not going anywhere with this!!!”. When Danny took me to Spain on their beautiful travels, it was amazing. But the big problem arose the moment we brought the car to the Czech Republic and drove on the local roads. After a few meters on our roads, I discovered that the BMW is absolutely unmanageable. So we started experimenting with different chassis setups, but it didn’t get much success. So we were looking for someone to help us with that. Thanks to our friend Lumír Vyorálk, we got to the best rear-engined Central European driver. Don’t you know who he is? Well, try to guess. It is none other than Jožko Béreš. Jožko helped me a lot with the setup and at the same time showed us what driving this car should look like. His technical skills, riding expertise, grace and insight when driving the car are absolutely incredible. In his performance, it was literally a concert. We’ve come a long way in terms of the chassis, but the problem was in the engine, specifically in the “torsion”.

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Last year I ran three races, two of which were victorious. Did you expect such success?

“I held the premiere of the new car in Volnik. I drove here mainly with the aim of getting to know the car and trying what I could afford. The result was secondary, but on the one hand it would be a shame to end up so deep in the starting field with such a car. That’s why we had to To try to drive very fast. From the very beginning of the competition it was clear to us that the path to victory would be difficult, since the power and torque were very low. In the end, even this little was enough for the first place in the HA. The next start in the sprints was the race In Vsetín. For us, the Wallachian Sprint was probably the best thing we could do with BMW, because the car worked just the way we wanted it. Anita and I really enjoyed racing here. After all, twelfth place in the absolute standings speaks for itself (laughs)” .

The Zlín Barum Rally is missing from the list of starts, as there was a lot of potential for comparison, but you haven’t driven here for a long time …

Barumka is a term not only for contemporary cars, but also for the crews of historic cars. The start list brings high quality competition and last year was no different. Unfortunately, we entered the race with a car that still lacked the right performance. Even with that handicap, we drove two special stages, but Our stopwatch was stopped due to a malfunctioning charging system.After Barumek came the main task – to solve the performance of the car.After a lot of tweaking that got us nowhere, we found that the only option was to go to the best in the business -Mats van den Brandt.Thanks Its components, we were able to solve the problem very quickly, and now BMW engines work like an “eM triple A” engine.

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Many fans searched in vain for you at the finish line in Slusovice during Mikuláš’s career…”

In the past, I started to collect Mikulas several times. However, over time, I found that given the unpredictable weather and the sporting value, it is more reasonable to participate in this event just as a spectator and eat sausage and beer in peace (laughs).

What are your plans for this year?

“This year, I would like to raise the Bavarian to the level of the best M3s in Europe in terms of technology. As for racing, the start will be somewhat choppy. This year I have different activities and changes in my private life planned.”

Your last answer seems a bit vague. What are you planning to do?!

“This is called multiplying (C) black… In my case it applies (laughter) a double.”