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Excellent dumplings with zucchini according to the famous actress.  Incredibly delicious

Excellent dumplings with zucchini according to the famous actress. Incredibly delicious

Moravian sparrow, roast pork, smoked knee. Sauerkraut and dumplings should not be missing. In addition to cakes, the Czech nation loves fluffy dumplings. Try the zucchini made by actress Jana Shtopankova.

Dumplings and gnocchi

The discrepancy between the signs Knedlík and nok is explained by a popular Czech film. Whether you opt for dumplings cut up after cooking, or the nook which is mostly cooked as a short roll, success is guaranteed. A popular Czech side dish can be made from yeast dough with the addition of buns or in the form of potato dumplings. Potato pancakes can be made from both raw and boiled potatoes. A delicacy with a provocative name, hairy dumplings, is prepared from raw potatoes.

Why the name hairy dumplings

Those who make homemade potato chips or french fries at home deal with precipitated starch. For french fries, it is enough to wrap the cut potatoes in a tea towel, and for chips, starch is squeezed out. For dumplings, starch is deposited on the surface after cooking and the pancakes do not become soft. He seems to have a little hair. But it certainly doesn’t detract from the taste, the dumplings are delightfully tender.

Potato fluffy dumplings

Type C potatoes are best for making fluffy dumplings, work with the dough as quickly as you can. If you add zucchini to the dough, the dumplings will be much better. You can use the same amount of zucchini and the same amount of potatoes for the dough. Zucchini has a neutral taste, gives the dumplings crispness and softness.

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dumplings with zucchini

Thin dumplings with zucchini are prepared from 400 grams of zucchini, 400 grams of potatoes and 300 grams of coarse flour. Add 4 tablespoons of starch (Solamyl) and season the dough with ground cumin and salt. Mix the mixture with the eggs.

Potatoes and zucchini are scraped and grated on a fine grater. Leave to drain in a colander with salt and squeeze out the excess liquid. Add the other ingredients to the potatoes and zucchini and mix everything into an elastic dough. After the balls or rolls are formed, they are boiled in boiling salted water for 10 to 15 minutes. The dumplings can also be stuffed with bacon or smoked meat.

Photo: shutterstock