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Expectations of increased travel between the United Arab Emirates and the UK until October 4th

Expectations of increased travel between the United Arab Emirates and the UK until October 4th

Dubai: Anwar Dawood

Travel circles expect air travel between Emirates and the United Kingdom to increase on October 4, 2021, with the United Kingdom implementing a decision to exempt those receiving certain approved vaccines from the Emirates to Britain without a stone. .

Sources pointed out that there has been an increase in bookings for travel between the Emirates and the United Kingdom, particularly Dubai and London and vice versa, as is data from electronic booking sites and airlines, with particularly strong tourism exchange between the two countries.

Route to Dubai and London

The route between Dubai and London is one of the busiest international routes for pre-Govt-19 travelers, with Emirates Airlines contributing to connecting Dubai and London with the rest of the world, but Dubai has been dropped from the London route due to earlier British travel restrictions.

A gradual reversal between the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates is expected with the implementation of the new decision. The United Arab Emirates embraces a large part of the British population, especially for travel, leisure and business purposes in the UK or for the purpose of visiting family and relatives.

With the launch of Expo 2020 Dubai from October 1, 2021, air travel from the UK to the United Arab Emirates is expected to increase to attend the global event. The tourist season in Dubai operates during the last quarter of each year, and the city attracts a large number of British tourists. In the light of the restrictions imposed on international travel, the number of British visitors to Dubai fell to 65,000 in the first 7 months of 2021. The United Arab Emirates received about 1.5 million tourists from the United Kingdom in 2019.

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Four vaccines

The United Kingdom Embassy in the Emirates has previously stated that until October 4, the vaccine certificate from the “Al-Hosn” application will be subject to the rules for traveling without a stone from the Emirates to the United Kingdom. Fully vaccinated using one of the following vaccines: Moderna, Astrogeneka, Pfizer or Johnson.

According to the British government’s website, as of 4 am on Monday, October 4, a traveler from the Emirates will be eligible to enter the United Kingdom without being subjected to the stone, under a United Kingdom, Europe or approved vaccination program. The United States with a full study of four vaccines from several countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

Fly Emirates

Emirates Airlines is set to resume service on Newcastle at a rate of 4 flights per week from October 15.

Emirates continues to resume operations in its most important global markets as the number of flights to the UK reaches 77 flights per week by the end of next October, with London split between 6 daily flights (5 of them A380), and two daily flights via A380. Manchester, 10 flights a week to Birmingham, daily flights to Glasgow, and four flights to Newcastle.