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تجربة ويندوز 11 على حاسوبك حتى إن لم يكن يدعمه

Experience Windows 11 on your computer even if it doesn’t support it

Microsoft has abandoned support for older PCs in Windows 11 operating requirements, so many are resentful.

But there is a way around the requirements for Windows 11, and this method works with the developer version of the system.

How to install Windows 11 on old computers

Microsoft has announced that Intel’s seventh generation and AMD Zen 1 generation processors will not support Windows 11.

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There have been some hints of bringing back support for these processors, but this information has not yet been confirmed.

You can bypass Microsoft’s requirements to run Windows 11 through these steps:

First go to the Windows internal testing program, then sign up for the preview copy and restart your computer.

Then go to the average registry values ​​in the system, and then go to the folder with the following address:


Next, head over to the UIbranch folder and edit it to Dev, then change the text in ContentType to Mainline and then in Ring key to External.

Then go to the folder


Inside this folder you will find a file called BranchName change it to Dev, a ContentType file to Mainline, and a RingKey file to External, as we did in the previous folder.

After that, restart the system to find that your computer supports Windows 11.

This method has not been sufficiently tested yet, because it is rather new and it is not recommended to move fully to Windows 11 yet.

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But it seems that a lot of users Follow the method They got the update soon after.

Why does Microsoft refuse to support old processors?

It may not seem that Windows 11 consumes a lot of computer resources, so some may ask why Microsoft narrows the list of support?

This question can be answered through two important points. The first is that it is Intel that supports Microsoft in its new system.

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Therefore, it is a publicity stunt for new Intel processors and to encourage older users to switch to them.

The second is the TPM 2.0 chip, which offers a higher level of security than processors that do not come with this chip.

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Intel has started supporting this chip in its processors starting from the eighth generation, and you need to activate this chip through your computer’s motherboard settings.

However, Microsoft is expected to lower the operating system requirements and allow older processors to install Windows 11.

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