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Experimentation gives us qualitative ideas and creative skills

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Choosing the method for creating artistic work is open to all possibilities. Each artist has his own style and techniques that come as renewable as art itself. Even if critics classify art in schools, the artist will only be subject to his free will in choosing his tools. Creativity comes first and then criticism, about this I talked A number of plastic artists told Al-Bayan that they did not adhere to a single method, and stated that experimentation would enable them to acquire many qualitative ideas and creative skills.


The artist Amna Ahmed Al-Banna said: I am working on realism, but I have tended to try new things, through “courses” online, to develop in my style and with colors or lines that can be visible or unarranged, that is, according to my own style, the artist may change and move from one stage to another. . She added: In this context, I have produced certain characters and used them as a project to create cartoon characters, as everything is permissible in art. She added: When the idea comes, I need to practice, experiment, and diversify the style of drawing and colors, and I also focus on how to study human or animal culture to draw fixed characters, and this helps to develop the artist’s style. Technologies and fees.

earth art

In turn, the artist, Hoda Saeed Seif, stated that contemporary arts are hybrid, that is, they use more than one art school involuntarily. And she continued: I love land art, and it stems from conceptual art. Land art is distinguished from the rest of the arts, as it is an art that is not displayed in the halls, but rather in nature. Earth.

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And she continued: “One of the arts that I follow is the Cubism, Surrealism and Impressionism school that I use at the same time, and I mix these three art schools into one artwork. About the sons and Emirati culture, the work is a map of a homeland, and about the life I live, whether in the past or the present, so that in the end the relative concept prevails over the works of art that I have accomplished.”


For her part, artist Reem Al-Hashemi said: “The content of my artistic style always expresses my emotions and feelings about what I have been through from different experiences. My work consists of small dolls, but I am currently working on several large installations while adhering to my belief that works of art produced from inner emotions communicate with people in a more meaningful way.” She explained: “The feelings are common and all-encompassing. I always love to develop my skills and explore new methods.”

For her part, artist Mahra Al-Falahi said: “I use cloth and a sewing machine to create various models, some of which are imaginary and some of nature.” She stated: I tend to change in my artistic style. Before working with cloth, my focus in drawing was on the use of acrylic, oil colors and printing, and now my approach is to work on integrating different materials with cloth such as wires and iron. She continued: As a person who loves innovation in my life, this renewal is reflected in my work and helps me study new methods of implementing my work.


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