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Bohemia Energy

Experts said that because of exorbitant energy pensions, the state should receive billions in emissions allowances.

People have been suffering from high energy prices since last fall, when many companies supplying electricity and gas ended. Bohemia Energy has become a symbol of these downfalls and ends.
author’s squf; Bohemia Energy

sThe olitici topic is about how best to help people affected by rising electricity and heating prices. The former government of André Pappe (YES) wanted to eliminate the added value of energy. Peter Fiala’s new government (ODS) discontinued the portfolio and instead offered member assistance to the poorest and selected companies. However, politicians advise many energy experts to inspire them in Austria – and send pensions directly to the company. This is a sharp increase in sales that can sell emissions allowances.

Calculate how much people can get from the state, advanced Tom Jongworth and Jan Svoboda of the Association for International Affairs. Using the climate dividend to transfer pensions to citizens. “In our opinion, according to our estimates, earnings could reach 1,500 kroner per person,” he said.

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