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“Exploring Venus and the Asteroid Belt” is a daring Emirati mission

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The London business newspaper “City AM” confirmed that the UAE’s mission to explore Venus and the asteroid belt is a daring mission that requires an equally daring determination for the five-year journey.

The newspaper pointed out that the Emirates mission to explore Venus and the asteroid belt had completed its “mission concept”, and that the Emirates Space Agency had completed the “high level requirements” before entering the design of the spacecraft.

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The newspaper quoted His Excellency Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Technology, who heads the Emirates Space Agency, as saying: “Venus is one of the planets “assisted by gravity,” and this mission is closer to the sun than the previous mission that we launched,” which means that the mission requires A vehicle that can withstand the high levels of radiation and the tidal movement of Venus’ orbit.


The spacecraft is scheduled to explore the planet Venus, in addition to collecting unprecedented scientific data on 7 asteroids within the asteroid belt within the solar system. It is expected that the Emirati spacecraft will land during its mission on the last of the seven asteroids within the solar system, to be the first Arab landing on an asteroid 560 million kilometers from Earth.

Al Amiri stated that the UAE mission to explore Venus and the asteroid belt in our solar system, which is scheduled to take place in 2028, is based on the lessons learned from the UAE mission to explore Mars, and uses many spacecraft designs for the “Probe of Hope” mission, noting that the mission constitutes an interesting point for to the space sector, and that the state is developing a new program to help stimulate commercial activities.

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Al-Amiri, the scientific team leader for the Emirates Mars Exploration Project, expected that human exploration will continue its progress during the next ten years, even further than it has been during a very long time.

“The mission is an exciting point for the space sector, where access to space has become easier than ever before,” said Al Amiri from the UAE Embassy in London.