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إكسبو 2020 دبي يقدم فرصة لزواره لاكتشاف تقنيات المستقبل

Expo 2020 Dubai..a big leap into human life with a future tour

The future is here in Expo 2020 Dubai, with participating pavilions showcasing world-changing technologies.

From hydrogen engines to smart mobility and space travel adventures, visitors can explore innovations from around the world that will transform human life on a self-guided “Future Now” tour.

Aleph (The Mobility Pavilion) highlights the historical figures of the Arab region, whose discoveries facilitated movement around the world. The pavilion houses 9-meter-tall navigation giants whose inventions led to today’s technologies.

Visitors can explore the concept of movement, its power and its far-reaching impact, as well as discover the role of the Arabs in advancing human invention. The tour of the pavilion will take visitors to the horizons and motivate them to explore places they have never explored before.

For those interested in expanding smart mobility systems in the future, the Belgium Pavilion will be a place where thinkers and entrepreneurs can come together to create a collective vision for 2050 based on today’s innovative innovations.

Contrary to current notions of space and motion, the Dynamics Pavilion of the Republic of Korea deals with its audience and all around it, showing how virtual reality simulates the real world in order to bring about movement and change.

Slovakia Pavilion illustrates the rapid technological development and growth of Slovakia, especially in the field of transportation. Visitors can explore the hydrogen-fueled passenger car, a technology that the country considers to be the fuel of the future.

At the same time, the Estonian Pavilion will provide electronic solutions that are a part of the daily lives of its people, showing the extent to which Estonians are pioneers in the digital field because they do most of the work using the Internet. Viewers can spin under data clouds; This is a unique achievement in interior design.

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Inspired by one of Professor Stephen Hawking’s recent projects, Breakthrough Message, the UK Pavilion explores what humanity can send to other advanced civilizations, as well as giving viewers the opportunity to lend their voices to ever-changing collective messages.

The Pavilion explores everything, including the commercial exploitation of space and artificial intelligence.

The Black Forest VR experience catches the eye at the Baden-Wர்டrttemberg Pavilion, where there is a “cloud of innovation”, an envelope of artificial fog, and offers pavilion visitors the opportunity to greet the Apollo robot.

Discover how natural and technological solutions can help humanity meet its challenges at the Belarusian Pavilion with interactive ‘Mind Tree’ materials.

Take a closer look at Chinese inventions at the China Pavilion, which showcases the country’s rich history by artistically blending Chinese descent with modern technologies. Visitors to the Pavilion can participate in 5G technology, artificial intelligence and the Smart Mobility experience.

DP World Pavilion features a giant digital waterfall and impressive models, and focuses on how innovation and artificial intelligence can transform yesterday’s reality into tomorrow’s opportunities.

The Future Now tour can be accessed through the Expo 2020 Dubai mobile processor and other tours related to Expo 2020 Dubai Travel and Communication Week, which seeks to find ways to equate the impact of humanity’s expanding digital world with physical reality. Travel and Communication Week 9 to 15.