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وزيرة نمساوية: إكسبو 2020 دبي منصّة لتبادل الأفكار وإقامة روابط جديدة

Expo 2020 Dubai allows you to visit the countries of the world in one place

An Austrian minister stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai is a great platform for exchanging ideas, building bridges of communication between people, and creating innovations.

Elisabeth Kostinger, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism of the Republic of Austria, praised Expo 2020 Dubai as a platform for exchanging ideas and forging new connections.

Speaking during a visit to Expo 2020 Dubai on Monday, Costinger said that education is an essential pillar to ensure the building of strong women leaders.

She added, “Expo has always been a very rich experience, as it provides the visitor with a unique opportunity to visit many countries in one place, and brings together visionaries and inspirers in one event.”

And she continued: Expo 2020 Dubai is a unique event, especially in light of its coincidence with the Covid-19 pandemic, as the organizers had to deal with all restrictions, including those that accompanied the spread of “Omicron” before Christmas.

“I am very proud of the Austrian team, and their ability to manage all these constraints with distinction, and I am also proud of their honorable representation of the Republic of Austria in this innovative and sustainable way, and I believe that Expo 2020 Dubai provided us with a wonderful opportunity to show the world our vision for the future of Austria, in a way that does not lose sight of the country’s traditions,” Kostinger emphasized. At the same time.

She added, “We have excellent partnerships, and many people from the United Arab Emirates visit Austria. Their number in “normal circumstances” approaches 120,000 visitors annually.

And we still have a lot of work to do to inspire more people to visit Austria, especially our beautiful cities, not just Vienna, there is plenty to experience in other cities including Salzburg and Innsbruck, as well as Austria’s amazing ski facilities.

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The Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism of the Republic of Austria invited people in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to visit Austria and spend wonderful times there.

When mentioning Austria, she explained, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is the traditional Lederhausen clothes, the music of Mozart … and of course the ski facilities, but sustainability is also at the heart of our interests, as the Austria Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is distinguished by its unique building, which is made of mud. It is an ancient material with many benefits.. For us, this is an excellent opportunity to show people around the world what is so special about Austria.

She added, “There are strong ties and strong friendship between the Emirates and our country, and while we all face many challenges, we must unite efforts and cooperate more.”

The Federal Minister of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism of the Republic of Austria stressed that Expo 2020 Dubai creates the appropriate environment for building more strategic partnerships, especially when it comes to tackling climate change.

She continued: We should all transform our economies, and while digitization gives us a huge advantage, many challenges are emerging at the same time, and I see that with different cultures, countries and other ways of thinking, we are becoming stronger than ever, and we must seize this opportunity.

She explained, Expo 2020 Dubai is a great platform for exchanging ideas, building bridges of communication between people, and creating innovations, so in my personal opinion, it is very important for the international event to take place at this critical time, and to seize all opportunities to meet again face to face.

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“The pandemic has taught us social distancing, but as humans, we are bound to interact, share inspirational conversations, and explore new paths and opportunities, so I am truly grateful to be able to come here.”

In her view, education is the most important pillar… Then helping each other, building networks, building bridges of communication, showing strength and solidity, and never underestimating the power of women… This is how women become heads of states, leaders, or mothers.