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Expo 2020 Dubai .. Britain unveils creative economic solutions to the challenges of the times

The UK’s creative economy is still celebrated around the world as a center of export power and a key source of employment and wealth creation.

According to Nigel Huddleston, Member of Parliament and Minister of Sports, Tourism, Heritage and Civil Society, the UK has long been an innovative country for its role in the Industrial Revolution.

“We want to lead the world in technology and technological development, and we do it in many more areas. We spend a lot of money on research and development, and we have the best universities,” Huddleston said during a visit. UK Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

“But we produce the world’s best creative talents, world-renowned creative talents in all other areas of music, film, design, fashion and creativity.”

UK Pavilion “The Future … How Are We Created?” Huddleston’s ideas came during the 5 days of activities from November 9 to explore how to bring together some of the key ideas from the UK’s world – renowned creative fields. Creativity can tackle today’s biggest challenges.

The program featured Huddleston’s keynote address at the UK Pavilion on how creative fields are adapted to the changing public landscape, and how the UK can bring sustainable change and cultural advancement to the world.

The power of the creative economy

Commenting on the key strengths of the UK’s creative economy, Huddleston said: “The things we do best, historically we do the best, invest at the government and state level. So, we play. Our strength.”

He continued, “Of course, with great opportunities for the economy, exports and employment, we can find opportunities here to share the knowledge and ideas we have gained around the world, which is also important because we always forget that the creative sectors effectively contribute to job creation and wealth creation. And it’s very important for economic growth around the world. ”

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The driving force of creativity

Huddleston said: “If we talk in detail about the creative sectors, the digital sector and the culture, media and sports sectors are affected differently, but the museums and heritage departments in the UK, the National Heritage Foundation and others are significantly affected.”

He continued: “Similarly, many such companies around the world will be closed for at least a period of time. The government (or governments) should take action with the Cultural Recovery Fund as we did in the UK. Their stability when they return to work.”

He added, “I suspect that without the intervention of this government, many of these organizations would have closed their doors permanently. Traditional companies have indeed lost future generations.”

He said, “Perhaps the digital sector is one of the strongest driving forces because it grew in one year during the epidemic, and it will not grow in 10 years. Therefore, organizations like the traditional sector have made tremendous efforts to ensure.

Environmental awareness

Huddleston noted the importance of the various events on creativity that the UK Pavilion is hosting this week in the broader global context of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) Parties: And the growth of responsible sectors has dominated the conversation. I think it’s important because the sectors we are talking about.

He continued, “It is very important that all stakeholders in the sector, whether private, individuals, government or third parties, acknowledge that they have a responsibility. A responsibility to the environment.” This is now the “live conversation”, actually the COP26 period. But these talks have been going on for a few years, and what you see is no longer part of the conversation. ”

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He added: “This is also true of tourism, the most important sector for both the UK and Expo. Yes, it is tourism, which still flies around the world and meets people face-to-face, but a more responsible way of being aware of an impact.” Make sure we think very carefully about how we are going to grow. So I can say that environmental aspects have infiltrated me as a refuge in the conversation. I haven’t seen it in a long time. ”