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صادرات الصناعات الهندسية فى أعلى معدلاتها منذ 12سنة .. تفاصيل

Export of engineering industries at the highest rate in 12 years .. Details

Egyptian exports from the engineering goods sector have reached the highest rates in almost 12 years since October 2021 recorded a major improvement, and we will learn about the details of the increase in exports of engineering goods in 2021 in the context of the following lines. From January to the end of October 2021:

2021 recorded a huge increase with a 44% increase in engineering exports during the period from January to the end of October.

Engineering products exports reached $ 2.643 billion, up from $ 1.838 billion in the same period last year.

Egypt’s engineering exports peaked on a monthly basis in October 2021.

Exports grew 45% in October 2021 to $ 351.5 million, compared to $ 242.9 million in October 2020.

Electrical devices have reached a growth rate of 31%.

Auto parts increased by 45%.

Cable exports rose 103%.

Exports of home appliances increased by 52%.

The electricity and electronics industries have grown by 40%.

Among the most important countries where engineering exports increased in the first 10 months of 2021 were those from the European continent, the “United Kingdom – Slovakia – Turkey – France – Germany – Spain – Greece – Russia – Italy – the Czech Republic” and from Asia “Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates. Emirates – Iraq – Jordan – Kuwait – Lebanon – China “and from the African continent” Morocco – Libya – Sudan – South Africa – Nigeria – Tunisia “.