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Extensive Egyptian interaction with director Daoud Abdel Sayed's announcement of his retirement

Extensive Egyptian interaction with director Daoud Abdel Sayed’s announcement of his retirement

Social networking sites in Egypt are witnessing a wide interaction with director Daoud Abdel Sayed announcing his retirement after a long journey with cinema for nearly fifty years, during which he won many awards.

El-Sayed is one of the most famous directors in Egypt, who presented films that left their mark in the seventh art, most notably the movie Kit Kat with the late Mahmoud Abdel Aziz in 1991, with whom he presented before that the movie Tramps in 1985 and the late star Nour Sharif also participated in them.

Al-Sayed presented with the late artist Ahmed Zaki the movie Land of Fear in 2000, as well as famous films such as Citizen, Informer and Thief, and the movie Land of Dreams and the Search for Sayed Marzouk.

American experiences

Al-Sayed appeared in a televised interview on one of the Egyptian programs with the media, Qaswa Al-Khalayli, and announced during his dialogue with her his retirement from film work, criticizing current films and the change in public taste, describing the works that Egyptian cinema is witnessing as works that copy American commercial experiences.

Daoud Abdel Sayed, born in 1946, was assistant director Youssef Chahine in his historical film “The Land,” which was produced in 1970.

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El-Sayed’s appearance came after years of absence, as he revealed that he suffers from producers’ reluctance to work, and said: Most of the current funding is in the category of entertainment films, while films that present big ideas for discussion are absent.

A march of awards

During his long career, Al-Sayed won several important awards, such as the Silver Production Award from the National Film Festival for his film The Thief of Joy, which also won the Bronze Award from the Damascus International Festival, and the Audience Award from the Sorrento Festival, Italy, in 1995.

As for his film Kit Kat, he won the Excellence Award in Screenplay at the National Festival, the Golden Award from the Damascus International Festival, and the Screenplay Award from the Alexandria and Mediterranean Festival.

Al-Sayed won the Silver Pyramid Award from the Cairo International Film Festival for his film The Land of Fear, and the Screenplay Award from the First Bahrain Festival for the same film. The film also won the Best Director award from the Film Association Festival.

The film “Searching for Sayed Marzouk” won the Silver Pyramid Award from the 15th Cairo International Film Festival, in 1991. His film Tramps won the First Work Award at the Aswan Academic Festival, in 1985. His film, Land of Dreams, won the second production award from the National Film Festival, 1993. Three films were selected for him in the list of the 100 most important Arab films issued by the Dubai International Film Festival in its tenth session in 2013: Kit Kat 1991, Land of Fear 1999, and Letters of the Sea 2010.

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For his film Citizen, Detective and Thief, he won the Best Film Award and Best Direction from the National Film Festival, and the Best Film Award, Best Direction and Best Screenplay from the Film Association Festival, in 2001.