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extreme e?  More scary than Formula 1, says Jenson Button - F1sport

extreme e? More scary than Formula 1, says Jenson Button – F1sport

Just a few months before the season kicked off in Saudi Arabia in April, Patton announced that he would be joining the series with his JBXE stable. He introduced himself as one of the pilots.

Button can draw on his experience from the Baja races, but his team did not do well in the city of AlUla, Saudi Arabia, which he also visited this year.

Together with Swede Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, he finished sixth in the Arabian Desert and in the second race of the weekend on the Atlantic Coast in Senegal, he was replaced by veteran Kevin Hansen. It paid off, and the purely Swedish crew won third place for Button.

The second straight win was won by Rosberg’s Johan Kristofferson and Molly Taylor.

“For me, it is mainly about learning, I am not afraid of challenges. Although it is scary, I still want to race,” Button told after last weekend when the race was in Senegal.

“In Formula One, you know a little bit about where the boundaries are. You can fly through the bush with this thing and nothing will happen. On the other hand, you can also find a big rock. It’s definitely a little scarier than Formula 1.”

Button’s stable partner in Extreme E is Lotus Engineering, a subsidiary of Lotus, which is now owned by Chinese owners.

In China, there are a number of cars that focus only on electric mobility, and in Europe it is known, for example, NIO, which also works in Formula E. The chamber of car manufacturers to develop their own propulsion systems. In addition, the tournament is said to raise awareness of climate change.

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Formula One competitor, rally legend and nine racers.  Extreme E starts.

“And that’s fun. It’s a really good thing for Extreme E that it includes manufacturers like Lotus, and I think it will appeal to other automakers as well.”

“You’ll see how other automakers get into this category, either next year or next year. Everything will grow quickly,” Button believes.

Greenland will host the upcoming Extreme E race weekend on August 28-29.