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Extremist groups lack knowledge from correct sources

Extremist groups lack knowledge from correct sources

Saturday 10/December/2022 – 01:50 PM

Held at the headquarters of the Arab Organization for Alumni Al-AzharA scientific lecture given by Dr. Ayman Al-Hajjar – a researcher at the Council of Senior Scholars, to Chad trainees under the title: Hadiths that were misunderstood and distorted by extremist currents, as part of the intensive scientific training course for Chadian imams in cooperation with the Al-Azhar Al-Sharif International Academy for Training.

Dr. Al-Hajjar pointed out that the extremist currents relied on the Qur’anic texts and hadiths that they interpreted according to their inclinations and desires, which made the matter ambiguous for some people.

Examples of the misleading understanding of these groups and their misinterpretations

Dr. Al-Hajjar explained examples of the misleading understandings of these groups and their erroneous interpretations that distorted the meaning and the main objective of the legal texts, such as his statement with the detailed explanation of the hadith of Ibn Omar on the authority of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace: (I was commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but God) and he explained this hadith and that he had It was revealed after a verse (So remember, you are only a reminder, and you are not a ruler over them), indicating that the hadith needs to understand some important linguistics that fair commentators resort to, such as “I fight,” and he said that it indicates participation and does not indicate the beginning of the verb, and “the” in the word “people.” It denotes the covenant and not the gender in the sense that he was commanded to fight only the infidels who opposed the call of Islam and not all the infidels.

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He stressed that these groups lack knowledge from its correct sources, and they rule over their whims and misinterpretations, and they make matters worse because they stray from the legitimate purposes of the Islamic religion and thus distort its image, which results in their ideas of ruin and destruction in societies.