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Extremists in Iran have attacked France for sabotaging the Vienna talks

Extremists in Iran have attacked France for sabotaging the Vienna talks

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The harsh media in Iran has accused three European participants in the Vienna nuclear talks, especially France, of working against Iran and obstructing the agreement.

And the Force News Agency, which is affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said in a statement that Europe’s destructive actions against the agreement between Iran and the world powers were nothing less than what the US was doing to disrupt the talks.

Meanwhile, other militant-dominated Iranian media outlets have accused the three European countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom (E-3), of promoting a “policy of sabotage” from the outset.

The newspaper said the purpose of the E-3 was to gain more concessions from Iran on issues related to nuclear issues and sanctions.

The media also said that the E-3 ambassadors were trying to convince the media that the Iranian negotiators had no serious intention of reaching an agreement.

Iran returned to Vienna on November 29 for talks with world powers after halting talks after hardliner Ibrahim Raisi won the presidential election in June.

After a long delay, Tehran embarked on talks with new demands that annoyed the West. E-3 began to warn Iran to take a serious negotiation position.

Moreover, reaching an agreement that would lead to peace in the region would deprive France of the benefits of arms sales in the Middle East.

According to the Verheitken newspaper, the media reported that some European countries, disturbed by the French position, had threatened to start separate talks with Iran.

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Meanwhile, militant Wahid Karimi was quoted in the Force News Agency as saying that France’s approach was more destructive than the US’s.

“Once the United States softens its position, France will move forward and try to sabotage the talks,” he said.

He added that the UK, which is not a member of the European Union, was using the situation to intimidate two other European countries.

He did not provide any evidence or explain how the UK “blackmailed” France and Germany.

Karimi said the United States no longer cared about Israel’s position on the Iranian nuclear issue, and that France had made Israel a country that would do all it could to make the talks fruitless.

In another statement, the Force News Agency reported that Mustafa Ghosh, a hardline expert in international relations, had said that France was playing a double role in the talks and was seeking concessions from Iran and other European countries.

Ghoshem agreed with other extremists that France had turned Israel into a bad watchdog in its nuclear talks with Iran.

Khoshchichem said the Western side now has two options: to abandon the talks and back away from diplomacy, either showing indifference to the negotiators or accepting Iran’s terms and returning to the talks.

Kesham Shem also praised Russia and China for their sincere support for Iran in talks and in the public sphere.