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Facebook does not promote anger and does not "sanctify" profits!

Facebook does not promote anger and does not “sanctify” profits!

After an official hearing Previous content In Facebook, Frances Hogan, before the US Congress on Tuesday, the founder of the most famous application, Mark Zuckerberg, defended his company.

In a memo addressed to employees, and published today, Wednesday on his public Facebook page, Zuckerberg stressed that recent allegations and accusations about the effects of the application on society are “meaningless.”

denied to be social media giant It promotes hatred and divisions in societies, harms children and needs regulation, asserting that accusations made against his company of putting financial profit above safety are “simply untrue”.

anger promotion

He also considered that “the argument that the company is deliberately promoting content that makes people angry in order to achieve financial profit is completely unreasonable.” “We make money from ads and advertisers keep telling us that they don’t want their ads to show alongside any malicious or infuriating content,” he said.

Also, he added, “I don’t know of any tech company that builds products that make people angry or depressed. All the ethical and commercial incentives and products point in the opposite direction.”

Zuckerberg has been noticeably silent recently, about Hogan and the internal documents she submitted to the Wall Street Journal more than a week ago.

worst holidays

As for the malfunction that hit the applications yesterday, the founder of Facebook It was “the worst in years”. “We have spent the past 24 hours extracting information to see how we can strengthen our system against similar failures in the future,” he added.

Facebook post

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Allegations against the blue giant

clarifications came The founder of the famous app After Hogan, who leaked many of the social media giant’s secrets last week, testified before Congress, stressing that Facebook had pursued a policy of disinformation. “Through my work, I have discovered that Facebook works in a way that harms young people, as well as harms democracy,” she added, yesterday before the Senate.

She also confirmed that the company takes information from the public and from governments, and has misled the public about many topics. And she considered that the giant company, whose profits are estimated in billions, works in the shadows, and often changes its work laws, adding that no one outside Facebook realizes how dangerous it really is as those who work or work inside.

Facebook Instagram

Facebook Instagram

“hiding behind walls”

In addition, she stressed that the giant of communication sites is hiding behind walls, and seeks to ensure that no one understands the reality of his system.

She accused Zuckerberg, saying that the founder of the “blue site” is aware of the thoughts of the algorithms used by the site, and therefore things cannot happen without his knowledge. She added that Facebook was aware of the danger of its mechanism of action on children.

It is worth noting that yesterday this testimony constituted a third blow to Facebook within days, after the first leak, and then the huge outage that hit the company on Monday evening and lasted for hours.