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"Facebook is still dead"... All you need to know about "metaverse" technologies:

“Facebook is still dead”… All you need to know about “metaverse” technologies:

11:38 PM

Thursday 28 October 2021

Books – Issam Khodeiri:

Under the slogan “Communication evolves, so do we.” Today, Thursday, Facebook launched the beginning of a new era of social networking called “metaverse”, reflecting its commitment to the future of the most advanced social media in the next decade.

introduced the new vision of the company; CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Connect 2021, with the goal of bringing Facebook apps under one new brand called Meta, which will focus on helping people connect, collaborate, and grow businesses in the next 10 years.

What is the metaverse?

It is a combination of online social experiences that allows people to share immersive (virtual) experiences with others who are not in one place, things that they cannot do in the real (physical) world. It is the next development in a long line of development of social technologies that rely on artificial intelligence.

Mark Zuckerberg, who launched Facebook in 2004, believes it has changed the way people communicate from the mobile and landline age to the internet as its apps like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook have made it easier for billions around the world to connect over the past two decades.

and now; He aspires for Meta to take the world towards immersive experiences through virtual reality to make communication a “virtual presence” with video and audio without being physically moved.

What are the most prominent technologies and products that Facebook has revealed for the next decade?

The former CEO of “Meta – Facebook” shared a lot about his vision at the conference that brought together augmented and virtual reality developers, content creators and marketers, and revealed what his new experiences and artificial intelligence technologies he develops can bring to the world of communication in the next decade, from people-to-people to entertainment, games and work. education and even trade, from which he aspires to multiply profits.

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3D spaces in the metaverse will allow people to connect, learn, collaborate and play in ways beyond what the mind can imagine. It is currently developing technologies to explore new worlds, including:

– Development of virtual reality glasses “Quest”

With it, you can discover new experiences with friends and family, where the wearer can join friends for concerts, movies, sporting events and many more immersive experiences together even though they are not in the same place, and features cinematic 3D sound that makes you cut off from the real world, to focus on Activities whether fighting in your games, meditating in space or learning.

You can also link it to your Facebook account so you can meet friends and sit in front of them for live events and celebrations from the comfort of your home.

Work remotely as if you were at your workplace

Facebook has worked to solve the problems of remote work, which faces many challenges such as isolation and lack of interaction with co-workers, so today it launched the open beta version of “Horizon Workrooms” available for free download on Oculus Quest 2 in countries that support Quest 2.

It is an experience that allows people to come together to work in the same (virtual) room regardless of physical distance, to improve the ability of teams to collaborate, communicate and connect, through the power of virtual reality.

Workrooms combine technologies for the first time in a single experience on Quest 2 glasses, using features such as a virtual reality desk and spatial audio. as revealed by

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Use Workroom to collaborate on Facebook already, noting that it’s one of the best solutions for working with your teams if you can’t be with them physically.

He also revealed many other technologies and projects that he is currently working on, noting that he is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in new technologies and research that Facebook is working on in cooperation with governments, universities, human rights associations and artificial intelligence laboratories in order to reduce the danger of these technologies.