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Facebook is unlucky.  The vast majority of users have turned on tracking on iOS 14.5

Facebook is unlucky. The vast majority of users have turned on tracking on iOS 14.5

Worry The social networking site Facebook Is fulfilled. The latest iOS 14.5, released on April 26, by default blocks apps from tracking user activity for advertising purposes. Users have the option to turn on tracking voluntarily, but as the latest statistics from analytics firm Flurry show, few do.

Voluntarily, almost anyone will not be seen

For example, in the United States, only 4 percent of users (from a sample of 2.5 million users) run voluntary app tracking, and 12 percent of users can be tracked globally (a sample of 5.3 million users).

The companies that live on mobile ads do not like this situation, and Facebook is one of them even with Facebook and Instagram He started convincing users to activate tracking so that he could keep providing them with all the features for free.

Facebook instargram has been updated to claim 1

So far, it doesn’t threaten to charge a fee, but if Facebook and Instagram users stop showing targeted ads, these product recommendation apps won’t be a relevant platform and advertisers will run their taps. Facebook was preparing investors for this lack of ad revenue in relation to iOS 14.5 in January of this year After the financial results were announced.

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