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Facebook wants to compete with Clubhouse. The application offers sounds feature

Pmou konkurenc populrnho Clubhouse There will be the function of live sound rooms, i.e. also streaming sounds. Ta m bt podle The social networking site Facebook A bunch of apps within groups until this summer, during which they were aiming to make them available to Messenger users. Even the audio stream will feature Facebook on groups of celebrities.

Another feature that the company will offer in response to the exclusive audio’s popularity during the coronavirus pandemic is Soundbites. It allows users to create and share a short creative audio clip instead of a standard text element. The city will simply record its message complete with a special sound effect and give it to friends and followers on their wall. This way, they will be able to share anecdote, joke and bse. Facebook will first test the Soundbites in the following months with a limited number of creators.

As part of these two new audio features, Facebook users will also be able to earn a pension. This is a move by the company to motivate the creators to create audio content. For example, within the framework of Live Audio Rooms, fans of famous artists and public figures will be able to support the introduction of stars.

The user buys it during the podcast and the field is for the author that Facebook pays $ 0.01 (0.21 Kelvin) for each star earned. After playing these sounds, the company, for example, needs a subscription and a one-time fee to access the live podcast.

Sociln’s Clubhouse replaces bar seating for Petr Mra

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Podcasts is the last audio feature Facebook can fully implement over the next few months. It allows users to browse, download and listen to audio recordings directly from the app. The podcast will play in broadcast time and in the background.

Thanks to advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, the company promises first-class sound quality with new features. The user will not have to worry about recording soundtracks even in mst playback. In the background, you will also be able to add music from the menu sounds directly in the app.

Facebook isn’t the only one to try out the audio features in response to Clubhouse. For example, Twitter began testing Spaces at the end of last year. It was originally only available for iOS, this year in a regular bag The company has also launched a version for Android. Dedicated port conversation sounds feature Engadget It also launched a Reddit discussion server, called Talk.