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Fadel Shaker releases the song “Al Aziz”

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The artist, Fadel Shaker, released the latest works, from the “Mini Album, by Jamil Nas” under the title “Al-Aziz.” And all social media platforms, and on the company’s official YouTube channel.

The mini-album, Bamil Nass, included Egyptian, Lebanese and Gulf dialects, which were released successively, so that the last of these works would be the song “Al-Aziz”, knowing that the works that were presented won the admiration of the Arab public, achieving millions of views, because Shakir is one of the most popular artists. Listen on Arab listening platforms.

In this album, artist Fadel Shaker presented works that awaken feelings, heal minds, and cure hearts, bearing the banner of high art, and it is one of the voices that possesses sound spaces and wide musical layers, and his mastery of singing for eastern maqams with his voice and high feeling, which takes you to the farthest limits, to be the Gulf and Arab audience With the song “Al-Aziz”, he excelled in including its vocabulary with beautiful phrases and a smooth poetic language by the poet Faisal Al-Shaalan, knowing that all of the album’s work by Jamil Nass was done under the supervision of Iyad Al-Naqeeb.


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