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فجر السعيد تعلن توقف جميع البرامج على قناة "سكوب"

Fajr Al-Saeed announces the suspension of all programs on the “Scope” channel.

date of publication:
July 11, 2021 23:10 GMT

Update date: Jul 12 2021 1:35 GMT

Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, announced the cessation of all programs of the “Scope” channel, in Kuwait, as of Sunday, indicating that the decision was officially taken, according to what she expected.

Fajr Al-Saeed explained that the station will only broadcast songs, revealing that the reason behind this is so that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information does not withdraw the license, and she added that all the channel’s programs for those who wish to continue to follow will be by subscribing to the #NXT platform.

And Fajr Al-Saeed tweeted, through her account on Twitter, saying: “As of today, all programs on the #Scoop station will stop, as I promised you previously.. Only songs will be broadcast so that the Ministry of Information does not withdraw the license.. And all the channel’s programs are for those who wish.” To keep following us, he has to subscribe to the #NXT platform.”

In the context, Fajr Al-Saeed left her comment on this decision, through her account on the “Instagram” website, revealing her next destination and said: “I regret that I stopped the channel in which I tired and witnessed many successes, but this is the year of life.”

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Fajr Al-Saeed commented: “Today I bid farewell to a part of my life and receive new life through the NXT platform. The technological development forces us to jump into the future.”

A few days ago, Fajr Al-Saeed launched a scathing attack on the Egyptian star, Muhammad Ramadan, because of his publication on social media, photos collected by Harir Hussein Kamel, daughter of Raghad Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, after a dinner hosted by Saddam’s granddaughter for the Egyptian artist.

Al-Saeed published a video clip in which he reprimanded Muhammad Ramadan, and attached it to a comment on “Instagram”, in which she wrote: “Except for foolishness, I am tired of those who heal it. The controversial Muhammad Ramadan publishes on his personal account his picture with Saddam Hussein’s granddaughter… O Muhammad, who is proud to publish your picture with his granddaughter, a killer Its people, its neighbor’s invader, its oil burner, and the cause of all the disasters that have passed on the Arabs from the day they invaded Kuwait until now.”

The Kuwaiti media added: “You (Muhammad Ramadan) have the right to photograph with your audience, whoever they are, but to publish a picture of Ghazi Al-Kuwait’s granddaughter, this is a challenge to the feelings of an audience who loved you.”

And Fajr Al-Saeed said, in the video clip, that the media person, Lujain Omran, was behind Muhammad Ramadan’s meeting with Saddam Hussein’s granddaughter, justifying that Lujain “was the only one who dared and published a picture of Harir on her account when she gifted her a book she wrote and described her as the heroine, the daughter of the hero.”