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Fake from mid-April to mid-September.  The children go to school - with a cotton cloth in hand - Diary n

Fake from mid-April to mid-September. The children go to school – with a cotton cloth in hand – Diary n

In addition, we are not sure who the Minister of Culture is, while we know that no one is the Foreign Minister, but in the Czech Republic we already manage things like this, so to speak, the left back. It marks the 60th anniversary of the first man to travel into space, a controversy between the CDU and the CSU over the future president’s seat in Germany (some elections at first, but it did not seem to be a problem), and Chinese vaccines are worse than previously expected . But we have a lot more for you! Peter Kobske selected the works of his colleagues and commented briefly. (With an apology he apologizes.)

Kids, you are allowed to blow your nose today! According to our report, the antigenic self-examination in two Prague primary schools went smoothly and happily. After all – no one is positive. I want it to be that way everywhere and at all times. The context for a somewhat special return to school is provided by a detailed article by Marquette Babenova and Adela Scoop. The photo report by Ludwag Hratilek is on the same topic.

A comprehensive analysis of the effects of the epidemic on the Czech economy, Full of numbers and maps, this is not exactly a sober reading, but if you only want to read an article that Denak wrote for me today (though, this is a mistake, of course), in my opinion it should be an article. In it, Michael Dome explains how unemployment, inflation, and how many more self-employed people have increased in an epidemic year (yes, and more!) And what that means.

So how will it be with the Minister of Culture – Will Lubomer Sauralek (who obviously does not want to go) go to theernín Palace to accommodate John Birke? Not only Joralek, but also his deputy and a section of the cultural community who fear uncertainty associated with the new minister are very happy. Only Mr. Birke seems to be at peace. Eliska Černá found the answers. Meanwhile, my colleague Pera Jankova spoke with John Birk, but some of his answers, to be honest, were not clear. “You have announced changes in the government, but Mr. Zoralek is immediately disrupting the announced transfer,” Para asked. “I’m not going to comment on it, I’m not going to comment,” Birke told her. (So ​​who should comment? Maybe who runs the whole Rosada. But he won’t say anything.)

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The CSSD Congress could not save the party, Pera Jankova and John Wirnitzer judge in their analysis. President Hume had only a choice of wrong options. He chose to step down from the political center and emphasize the left-wing nature of the CSSD, but he has a knife in his neck in the form of a five per cent limit to enter the Chamber of Deputies. They can be immediately renamed Zhemanovka 2.0, John Molek comments on the possibilities of CSSD. (Why not? Maybe it’s enough for that five percent.)

Chinese synoform, synovac and cannabinoid vaccines are unlikely to be as effective. What will be required. Gao Fu, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, agreed at a news conference on Saturday. His words are now being analyzed by researchers and journalists around the world in an attempt to read the true nature of the message. In such a situation, the best writer is always Magdalena Slezkova.

Derek Suev’s close-up test continues in Minneapolis, USA George Floyd is a police officer accused of murder. Jana Cichlerova brings the message. In the article, of course, you will find links to our previous coverage, through which you can get an overview.

Personality of the late Prince Philip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Studio n. Today’s portion of podcast revenue. Philip Tittlebach talks to our collaborator in the UK, Ivan Kitka.

Some ministries vaccinate their employees as a matter of priority Other ministries will not take this opportunity as it is essential in view of the functioning of the state. What logic follows this conclusion? Discovery of Zdislava Pokorná.

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Russia is gaining more and more influence in the Czech Republic, John Simkonick writes in his commentary, comparing the situation before February 1948. “Today, in our country, Moscow uses friendly countries at the height of its power, as do former Czechoslovak Communists. Most companies are quiet. ”

Today marks the anniversary of man’s first flight into space. (Well, even though he is Russian, we voted.) I was actually reminded of him in a technically tuned article. Our collaborator Joseph Mleknek Jr. came up with a completely different perspective: he showed how Soviet science fiction makers and writers combined the regime campaign with dreams of capturing space. Do you even know who Alita is?

What can you find in the printed version of Enca on Tuesday?

On the first page today, it can be nothing more than an antigenic test on the hands of children. The reopening of the first phase of primary schools was the main topic of the day and it will be a little longer. In addition, you can read:

  • This is where the CSSD goes after Congress, where Hamek won the box office
  • How children in primary schools today managed self-examination
  • Who has the best chance of becoming Federal Chancellor – CDU’s Armin Lacet or CSU’s Marcus Soder?
  • Gao Fu En, director of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines was not enough
  • Who will be bothered by the homeless Prague center near the main train station
  • No one should be interested in how much money Russian businessman Aras Agalrov has in Czech banks
  • What was the purpose of Soviet science fiction films about the universe of communist propaganda long before Gagarin’s flight?
  • What does his son George Grossman remember about the original author of the famous company Obscure Course?
  • What do Czech rappers play when they release albums like “Sudeten Soldiers”?
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Some little things from somewhere else

How to map your city To look from Tolkien – Detailed instructions.

Did Lance Armstrong really have a bike on his bike? (Or: Can something that surprises us still happen?)

It can be said that the Earth is going to collide with a large asteroid. Don’t worry, we don’t know about any of them! But if so முடியுமா Can anything be done about it? (Not really.)

And a quote at the end

Don’t swear anything you can’t take back.
– John Le Carr: An agent in a foreign industry