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Olomoucký odchovanec David Zima přestoupil z pražské Slavie do FC Turín

Fake jumpsuit, store football boots, and Piloti headpiece. Winter recognizes Turin

Although he’s walking around Turin in a borrowed suit due to a busy shift and trains with store-bought soccer shoes, that’s just a funny story. “I think one day I will remember him well. It’s really funny, but there simply was no time for anything,” smiles talented 20-year-old David Zima.

How is Turin?
I try to look around, but in terms of the background, it’s not as much of a leap as it used to be from Olomouc. It is similar to Slavia here.

It moved pretty quickly, right? How did you try it all?
When I went to the match in Karvina, I knew nothing. It all started after the match and it was very difficult. We got back to Prague at around three in the morning and there was already a meeting of the national team at nine. I passed my covid tests and got into the bubble and then practically slept all day. But I did not have time for training, which was supposed to be with the national team.

Things got worse.
There was a phone call I had to pack up, take some things for a check up, and we were flying to Italy. I knew Turin was interested in me, but I didn’t solve it in any way. Not any other clubs. I left it to the manager, Mr. Bask, and his agency. So, I want to thank everyone for being able to focus on football and all the things they arranged.

Have you wondered if it’s time to move to an elite league like Serie A?
I had one big advantage. I knew there was no bad way it would turn out the way it would. I will either go to Turin or stay in Slavia, where an interesting group of conferences awaits us. When it came to the final decisions, a club like Torino could not refuse.

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They haven’t bought clothes yet

How did it happen that in the end you didn’t just walk around and then find yourself in Italy without things?
At first I was expecting to return to the national team. However, manager Libor Syunko explained to me that, according to UEFA protocols, this is no longer possible. Although I flew on a private plane, I met many people. However, I had to go back to the Czech Republic. However, coach Juric wished that I could train with the team. I had no problem with that. That is, except that I had practically nothing with me. No soccer shoes, no regular clothes. Just a suit borrowed from the national team (smiles).

How is it at a time like this? The club took care of the new reinforcements. Did you go shopping?
Usually we go to the store, I tried several pairs of soccer shoes off the counter and they bought them for me so I could practice (laughs). In retrospect, it’s really funny. I think he will remember that. Maybe in a good way. Anyway, I already have football boots, although this is temporarily the most important thing. I haven’t bought any more clothes yet. So I walk in suit pants and a jacket. Because I don’t understand Italian, I don’t care if they talk about me (Laughs).

A truly unique start to a new post. What are the first training doses in Turin?
very sharp. I’d like to compare it to the setting in Slavia. I went to my first training session after the whole hectic day was over. Medical examination, all transfers, I didn’t have enough time to rest so it took a while. Gradually you will definitely improve. I have to adapt to a slightly different type of load. Only one match per week will be played in Turin. We also played European Cups in Slavia. Then the exercises look different.

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The main face of the club is striker Andrea Belotti, the European champion. What is your first impression of you?
He is known to be a character and one of the cabin leaders. He asked me several times if everything was ok etc. This was very kind of him. It works fine. I played against him in a friend against the Euro for the national team, but when I said we know each other, he didn’t remember me (Laughs). Probably because they gave us 4:0.

What do you expect from the engagement of Turin?
I consider it the next step in my career. I think the quality of the players in Turin is very similar to that in Slavia. There are more experienced players here, which is getting to know them. Since the first workout, I’ve seen that they are technically good and calm with the ball. As well as self-confidence.

It owes a lot to Slavia

I played in the Moravian-Silesian League three years ago, and a skyrocketing spike ensued. Where do you see yourself at this pace over the next three years?
I do not know (Laughs). Who knows what could happen. But I will not exaggerate this skyrocketing. I still have work to do. It’s important for me to stay healthy so I can train and keep improving. Then the possibilities are completely limitless. The closest goal was to get into the starting line-up in the national team. It will require me to play regularly here in Turin. So I have to adapt, learn Italian and join the squad. I know it won’t be easy. It is a challenge. But I am not afraid of her, on the contrary, I look forward to her.

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Will you be able to say goodbye to Slavia?
On Sunday, I fly to jump to the Czech Republic. On Monday I will go to the stadium, where I will pack my bags and say goodbye to everyone who will be there. Slavia was very important to me. I would like to thank the implementation team and colleagues. Thanks to them, I was able to get far beyond the city of Turin. I think after the season we will be able to meet again and talk.

Did you create the message for the fans yourself?
They asked me if I could shoot something. I prepared a few sentences, but I still said in the end that I don’t know what to do next. If you poured my heart out for a while, I might cry. I owe so much to Slavia and it is strange to let her go.