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Fakro: Strengthen cooperation and partnership between Bahrain and the United Kingdom in the field of exchange of legislative expertise and experience

Fakro: Strengthen cooperation and partnership between Bahrain and the United Kingdom in the field of exchange of legislative expertise and experience

Mr. Jamal Mohammed Fakro, First Deputy Speaker of the Shura Council, stressed the importance of continuing to strengthen cooperation and partnership between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom, exchanged legislative expertise and experience, and opened the door to bilateral work with both countries, especially for the most recent progress and opportunities for progress. Discusses. Exception imposed by Govt-19 epidemic in all countries of the world.

A virtual parliamentary meeting organized by the General Secretariat of the Shura Council today was organized in collaboration with the British International Partnership for Governance, entitled “Bahrain and the World – Reflecting the Economic and Political Vision after the 19 Govt Deployment”. Tuesday), and former Deputy Foreign and Commonwealth Minister and Member of the British Parliament Mr. Presented by Alistair Burt, several distinguished members of the Shura Council, His Excellency Jeremy Bourvis Tweed, Member of the Council of Lords in the United Kingdom, Adviser to the International Coalition for Governance and several Ambassadors to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain.

Mr. Fakro clarified that the Parliamentary meeting between the Shura Council and the British Parliament was the first joint venture between the Council and the British International Partners Foundation for Governance. Mr. Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh was their Speaker. Shura Council, and his congratulations on the success and success of the parliamentary dialogue, which is the first time between the two allies.

The key role of the Parliamentary session in achieving positive results in the field of the Assembly was Mr. Fakro noted, and pushed it towards further co-ordination and joint cooperation between the Shura Council and the British Parliament, noting that the Kingdom of Bahrain maintains a historic record. The deeply rooted historical relationship with the United Kingdom is over 200 years old. Year.

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The efforts made by the Kingdom of Bahrain to combat the Govt-19 epidemic, whether at the health, economic or social levels, have also yielded positive results based on a significant decline in the incidence of epidemics. In care and attention.

For his part, Lord Jeremy Bourvis, a member of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom and an adviser on international partnerships on personality, took pride in organizing a virtual joint parliamentary meeting between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom. Emphasizes the level of progress of relations between the two countries and the Kingdom of Bahrain’s interest in developing the national legislative process, enriching it with experiences and expertise that contribute to the development of legislative publications, and emphasizing the key role of parliaments in advancing the legislative and legal aspects of the Govt. Countries’ response to their legislative responsibilities within the public framework.

For his part, former Deputy Foreign and Commonwealth Minister and Member of the British Parliament Mr. Alistair Burt appreciated the initiative of the Shura Council to organize a parliamentary session in these exceptional circumstances and to provide an opportunity for exchange. The scenes and legislative experiences of serving the nations at this stage show his pride in showing their specialties. Members of the Shura Council receive comments and recommendations that contribute to strengthening joint parliamentary action between the two countries, and promote direct communication and coordination of files. General interest.

Virtual Conversation discussed political, economic and legislative inquiries and ideas and general aspirations, especially in light of the effects of the Covid 19 epidemic on the economy, the need to restore confidence and build flexibility in meeting future challenges. The conversation also discussed health care and the level of response to infection and the return to default, such as the introduction of vaccines. Antivirus. The conversation touched on the continuation of the work of key companies during epidemics through digital transformation and the rapid development of information and communication technology, as well as the impact of epidemics on efforts for economic diversification and investments within the United Kingdom experience in food security.

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The virtual dialogue reviewed the existing historical relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the United Kingdom and the future of relations between the Friendship and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the United Kingdom. .

This parliamentary dialogue falls within the parliamentary support programs provided by the General Secretariat of the Council to the Honorable Members of the Shura Council, which receives direct attention and follow-up from his esteemed adviser, Osama Ahmad al-Aspuri. , Based on the role of the General Secretariat in providing all kinds of support and assistance to distinguished members.