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| Photo: Martin Wiesel,

The epidemic is most prevalent in the introduced half of R. It is followed by the Visowina region with 1,015 cases, and the Pardubets region with 979 confirmed cases. On the contrary, Karlovy Vary region has the lowest weekly rate with 406 cases per 100,000 people.

The flat area has the worst epidemic in Oherskohradesko, with an incident of 1200. It follows Vikovsko and the Prague entrance districts, above Szavo and Svetave. At the far end of the island, Sokolovsko and Shipp.

It is still high due to the health care system epidemic, but it is gradually declining. There were 5,766 patients with the virus in hospitals on Saturday, of whom 1,012 per kilometer. In the weekly comparison, the number of hospitalized patients decreased by 800.

Since the epidemic stopped last year, a new type of coronavirus has been found in the Czech Republic to have infected 2.33 million people. Of them, 34,451 died. Since the December arrest, there have been 1,154 deaths.

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According to preliminary data, Lkai administered 31,302 vaccines against COVID-19 on Saturday, about 950 fewer than on the same day the previous week. Since the vaccination arrests at the end of last December, the stockpile has reached 14.36 million pigs, of which about 1.5 million are for booster stalls. Shelters in the Czech Republic have completed 6.44 million people.