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Family accessories for lamps only. Berlingo et al. nhle kon se spalovky

Ten years ago, nearly every automaker had to drive a large batch of MPVs. The growing popularity of SUVs led to a sharp decline in sales of SUVs, and most brands stopped paying for these cars. And so, only PR. Relatively cheap compensation, for automakers and customers, was personal copies of utility supplies. Production rights were not technically expensive and the prices for these cars were more attractive to buyers than SUVs.

Citron can tell you about it, the Berlingo model is also a personal copy of the seller figures in the Czech Republic. With darkness, the bag is over. Stellantis, which includes Peugeot and Opel as well as Citron, has announced that it will end production of most personal versions of the remaining pickup trucks and MPVs in variants with the internal combustion engine. As of January 2022, applications are accepted for the electric version only.

These include Citron Berlingo, Opel Combo Life, Peugeot Rifter, Citron Jumpy, Citron SpaceTourer, Opel Vivaro Combi/Zafira Life and Peugeot Expert/Traveler models. Fiat also belongs to the interest of Stellantis, which has not yet announced this change, because it does not have to drive a full range of technically compact cars with other features. This is a similar move at Fiat as well.

I decided only in Europe. In other markets, internal combustion engine variants will continue to exist. Uitka editions won’t lose this drive on the Continent either. ZTM. The exception was the Citron Grand C4 SpaceTourer, which is not currently powered by an internal combustion engine.

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Lemon Berlingo


The Berlingo is exactly the kind of car you can turn your nose at, but you don’t have the endless practicality. Look elsewhere for fun, this is a family meal. The best-selling lemon in the Czech Republic is not a popular addition to people, MPV is a great alternative. tte dle.

There is no substitute for electricity. In the future, Opel will gain even greater vitality thanks to environmentally friendly innovations. From 2024, we will offer an electrified version of every Opel model without exception. In other words, the cars of the successors to Cross Land and Insignia will also be electrified. From 2028, we will only sell battery electric cars in Europe, said Opel CEO Uwe Hochgeschurtz.

The question, which we will not find in the press for the first time, knows to what extent this NHL is determined as a result of a real effort to move toward electrical mobility and to what extent it plays the role of flowers of the entire fleet of emission limits.

However, the headquarters decision carries a number of imports, including the Czech ones. Previous versions did not sell at all. In June of last year (the first time an electric Berling was introduced), Citron claimed Berlingo was the second largest in Europe in the world and in the Czech Republic had been the driving force behind the signage sale for a long time.

At the moment it is not possible to order a personal version of the pickup trucks in the Czech Republic, either from Peugeot or from Citron and Opel, as confirmed the press talk of Opel and Peugeot, it is extensive to ensure that the Czech Republic receives an exception with an internal combustion engine on demand, And how big is this production flower. For customers who want to get this type of car right away, there is an opportunity to consider the offer of cars classified under the (expensive) category N1. This is your example Opel Combo Life, the N1 variant is a fully timely and fully glazed replacement. Citroen Berlingo Profi is the same example.

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