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Famous personalities have a big problem. Either they forget to support the Uyghurs, or they don’t paint vn | Business

Prague Among the leading sellers of H&M, the American manufacturer of sportswear and shoes, Nike has also given the hallmarks to the market in the German boycott market. They allowed themselves to accuse her of mistreatment of a minority Uyghur community, which he would use to collect cotton.

In response, H&M merchandise has completely disappeared from our online shopping platforms, some users of the Weibo social network have called for a boycott of characters, and at least two German star movies have collaborated with them. Adidas and Puma got into trouble, and the H&M chain decided it wanted two customers back.

I am not surprised. According to the Associated Press, Shawn Rin Ren described Rin’s retaliatory revenge against the children’s series, CEO of the China Market Research Group as one of the toughest acts recorded in recent years.

For the H&M widow logo, the Asian country is the largest market. Last year, it spent 2.9 billion crowns (7.5 billion crowns) there. For example, according to the Washington Post, Nike and Adidas account for nearly half of Nike’s sportswear market, which reported quarterly sales of $ 2.3 billion in the region.

The rest of the company has been trying for a long time to support social mobility and thus gain sales. For example, the Nike brand has supported the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States in the past. Activists and some Western politicians accuse Uighurs of being held in camps, where they are forced to work. H&M also joined this criticism first. Beijing gathers nearly a million Uighurs, or claims to have volunteered in camps to volunteer. H&M eventually withdrew from the criticism.

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According to Kek, H&M has fallen into the awkward position, which is what it will take. “The issue of human priorities should always be directed to the government, because this is a general business symbol, and it is imperative to realize that the H&M chain is primarily for profit,” Kik added. It is work, so there is nothing wrong with that. A simple calculation was made, from which the management concluded that the darkness of the Uyghurs was not falling and very strong. Economist Tpn Keek said sales from Zpad should cut losses due to this, but that hasn’t happened. He added that although he got bonus points for Zpad, they are not.

According to analyst Richard Chamberlain of RBC Capital Markets, this is likely a sign of status. Copper analyst said: In the past, we’ve seen figures like Nike and H&M have grown similarly to controversy and maintained relatively strong sales. However, we believe that in the short term, H&M will have a negative impact on the need for a large growing market, he added, adding to attempts to appease Beijing.

In addition, companies like Nike and Adidas are holding the link with the National Darkness of Sports. For example, the national football team entered into a contract with Nike for $ 183 million. The consequences of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will have unimaginable consequences if you decide to ban the Nike and Adidas logos.

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He wants to show his anger to the world. This is dl. George Wootke, head of the European Union’s Chamber of Commerce, told the BBC it was painful for companies, but it would work.

However, according to the Washington Post, the forced departure of these companies will harm foreign investors, which they do not want to bear. In addition, Beijing will have to avoid a sharp rise in unemployment and damage to the economy.