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Fans are waiting for this game like a pity. Autoi ale ml

Not surprisingly, Super Mario, Zelda, and Metroid games dominate the big Nintendo Direct ads. When a Nintendo Bag decides to release its popular list of new indie world titles, one name is often in use for about two years: Hollow Knight Silksong.

Simply take part in any discussion of an upcoming Nintendo event, and there’s no need to search long to find out about the name. When you, on the contrary, participate in some discussions about the first event, you often ask about Silksong for the first time.

The song is disabled and is in progress Global India Events, As loads of requests popped up on your Twitter in droves, and Team Cherry revealed the end of the vc thing. It did not work again.

As for the bag after the second batch of MetroidVani for the second debt, a whole bunch of cartoon beetles in the fantasy world, is there much time?

Primarily, the original 2017 Hollow Knight game from studio Team Cherry has a cult place among the indie games. The author managed to make a great mix of platform games with free exploration of the world and the harsh difficulty of games like Dark Souls, where the game punishes every death and nothing in it for free. Drink a cute fantasy world of bugs, revealing all its dark sides and good support from developers, who even after the game played a lot and it’s an obvious hit.

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Maybe someone is still pausing in the fact that waiting only three years for a sequel isn’t such a terrible thing. Sri Half Life or Duke Nukem fans should laugh at that moment. The only thing here is the fact that they showed their sophistication a couple of years ago at the E3 trade show Pomrn rozshl display And it looks like they’ve done enough.

Hollow Knight: SilkSong
Hollow Knight: SilkSong

On Steam, the outrage appeared over stubble products Date 12. ervna 2020. Although it did not work for long, it was replaced by TBA, so the date will be announced, only in the community it was long expected that the game would actually appear in June of last year, or at least close to that date. Pinejhorm until the end of 2020. The cars themselves have not confirmed the date and the only valid statement is From their blog from 2019: This will be done.

In the community, kadopdn gets frustrated with kadm dalm Nintendo Direct or Indie World. Additionally, the authors have been practically silent throughout 2020, except for an interview with game magazine Edge at the end of the year. However, fans aren’t very wise, and there are also pessimistic notes that Silksong will not be released this year or ever.

The current flaw in the community, for example, is the challenge to the stated Crowsworn Project, which has the visual style and, to some extent, the gameplay first from Project Cherry. Thus the Vokln name of the Hollow Knight community accuses the authors of the Crowsworn of plagiarism, and the rest are ashamed of them. Perhaps this is a manifestation of his frustration at the lack of information about Silksong.

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If the author from Team Cherry is slow, the truth is that Silksong should only be the DLC for the original game. When creating the bag, they discovered that there were a lot of good ideas that might be enough for the entire game. And so they had to change the familiar state of the original game so that the game was not invariably based on the title since 2017.

The car does not want to participate in its design days veleto Hrm intends to present exactly what they liked in the first place, that is, beautifully drawn graphics, fights with original opponents (there can be as many as 150 types), original advancement and comprehensive design.

The new hero will be the Hornet, who will master a range of new abilities, thus gaining access to the production component and improving the search system. The only thing for sure is that the game will definitely appear on PC and Nintendo Switch console, giving the bag the potential to move into the future.