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Farm animals are also sensitive humans.  The EU is moving to ban cage farming

Farm animals are also sensitive humans. The EU is moving to ban cage farming

After leaving the EU, a law will be enacted in the United Kingdom that sees animals as human beings. Now why is this happening and what will be its impact? The EU is again in favor of banning the use of cages for livestock. “I am pleased that Chekhov has been a progressive country in this regard in recent years, for example, thanks to the planned ban on caged chickens,” says Romana Konkov, a philanthropist in world agriculture.

“The European Union states in Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty that animals are sentient beings. The country that proposed the article in the basic EU treaty is the United Kingdom.

All new laws will be protected by the so-called The Animal Welfare Bill, which applies to all backbones. The plan also includes a ban on exports for live animal slaughter. However, as Romana Konkov says, enforcing a ban on animal imports is more complicated.

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Thanks to the planned ban on raising chickens in cages by 2027, the Czech Republic is one of the most progressive countries in the European Union, along with Luxembourg, Austria and Germany. Stopping the use of cages to raise all livestock is currently being observed at the EU level.

“The implementation of a resolution by the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee in May was an important stage in which a majority of members supported the need to abolish cage farming throughout the Union.

What are the dangers of EU member states going beyond their own national laws and animal welfare standards with their own national regulations? Which European countries are leaders in animal welfare? Listen to the full interview with Romana Šonková.

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