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Fashion is a science, not by chance, and black and white are deceptive colors – today’s news site

The media, Suhair Gouda, congratulated Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly Club and the former star of Egypt, on the occasion of his birthday, which falls on October 30 of each year, saying: “We say to you every year and you are good. All generations loved him, his talent and his intelligence, and he may give you the best health and happiest days.”

Suhair spoke in her program called “Al-Satat”, which is broadcast on the “Al-Nahar” satellite channel, that there is something called the psychology of fashion, and that changing the look is for certain reasons and not by chance or in a random way, saying: “Fashion is a science and there is one of the university doctors in London who presented A master’s thesis and she is currently studying at the College of Art in London, fashion is not a coincidence.”

Suhair explained: “The doctor who conducted the study revealed the secret of doctors wearing the white color, and that patients feel confident when they see them, and also the green color expresses peace, calm, healing and nature, so we see the green color very close to hospitals.”

And she continued, “The blue in my hands is safety, calm, sincerity and tranquility, and yellow means friendship, happiness, joy and warmth, and red is one of my very favorite colors, and I have a feeling of love, strength and danger, and I love violet in all its degrees. And white is deceptive colors, because you wear them in joy and sadness, and they are misleading colors, so you don’t know if you are happy or sad.”

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