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Fastfood offers customers alternatives to meat with chicken.  They say you don't know the difference

Fastfood offers customers alternatives to meat with chicken. They say you don’t know the difference

All KFC branches in the US will offer their customers a version of the vegan chicken, which is an alternative to Beyond Meat. The company believes that the new version of the chicken will celebrate success.

Starting Monday, Kentucky Fried Chicken will be offering customers across the United States a healthier version of the popular chicken. In collaboration with Beyond Meat, they have created a safe alternative to meat. “It mimics the taste and texture of whole-muscled chicken, like chicken breast, rather than the consistency of ground nuggets,” the site writes. CNBC.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is counting on people to start eating healthily by the New Year. “This is the way our customers are trying to go. They want more vegan products,” said Kevin Hochman, CEO of the company. “It’s January, people are trying to fulfill their New Year’s promises,” he added.

Vegetarian chicken was first introduced to people in 2019 in Atlanta. Customers launched an attack after the novelty so that after five hours everything was sold out. Then Kentucky Fried Chicken tested the novelty two years ago in Nashville, Charlotte, and northern and southern California regions.

Many Americans also try to reduce meat in their diet. Environmental causes are also the cause. This increased the popularity of herbal alternatives, the sellers said.

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