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Faten Hamama leads the poll of the Aswan Festival for the best 100 films about women with 14 works

The symposium for the referendum of the best 100 films about women in Arab cinema ended a short time ago, which was held on the sidelines of the fifth session of the Aswan International Film Festival for Women..


Critic Kamal Ramzy praised the parallel activity of the festival, pointing out that the referendums require a specialized effort, especially that this referendum is the fourth of its kind in the history of cinema, whether in Egypt or the Arab world..

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Ramzy indicated that there were 3 previous attempts, the first of which was an attempt by Saad Eddin Wahba and was supervised by Ahmed Raafat Bahgat, and the second attempt was at the Dubai Festival and critics were assigned to write about these films and the volume retained its vigor and quality, pointing out that the third attempt was made by the Library of Alexandria under the supervision of the critic Ahmed Al-Hadary and Samir Farid strengthened him, to direct the book of the 100 most important films in Egyptian cinema, and finally the current referendum, which included about 3000 Arab films about women..

Critic Nahed Salah said that cinema from the beginning expresses women because it began on the shoulders of women such as Bahja Hafez, Aziza Amir, Asia, Mary Queen and now Hala Khalil, Kamila Abu Zekry, Sandra Nashat and many others..

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Nahid explained that the referendum was indicative, through which they tried to investigate accuracy and integrity by returning to the producers, such as critic Ibrahim Al-Araibi from Lebanon, the General Organization for Cinema in Syria and other bodies in the Arab countries.

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She pointed out that the number of Egyptian films has been reduced from 3,500 to 1,400, especially since the referendum relied on films that deal with women’s issues and films directed by women..

She said: “We tried to use a scientific, organized and methodical method that was developed by critic Ahmed Shawky and relies on the vote as a voting mechanism to overcome the difficulty of sorting. In the end, this is a qualitative referendum that opens the door for other referendums.”.

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For his part, critic Ahmed Shawky pointed to the festival’s effort to hold a similar referendum that was rather carried out by the National Center for Cinema, and explained that the failure to participate in the referendum is not due to logical reasons, as the choice is by revitalizing the memory and repeating what was watched..

The referendum was attended by 22 critics and 48 critics, and it contains 72 films about women directed by male directors in exchange for 28 female directors. There are 14 films by Faten Hamama, including 7 by director Henry Barakat, who is considered the most present director on the list, 6 films by Muhammad Khan and 5 by Salah Abu Seif.

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Meanwhile, Souad Hosni and Hend Sabry, whose film “The Silence of the Palaces” is the first film on the list, attended the event, directed by the late great director Moufida Al-Tlatli..

The symposium witnessed a large attendance and a remarkable public interaction from the people of the province. The attendees were keen to interact by asking questions and exchanging opinions. The symposium was attended by a large crowd of critics and journalists..