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Fatima Al-Banawi to Asharq Al-Awsat: We will reach the world soon

She talked about her films and her new book, Tales from the Streets of Jeddah

On the sidelines of a signing ceremony for her new book “The Other Story” in Cairo, days after it was presented and signed in Saudi Arabia, a work whose stories were collected from the streets of Jeddah, the Saudi artist Fatima Al-Banawi spoke to “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” and said: “I am proud that the book (The Story The other) started from the heart of the Saudi city of Jeddah, and today it came to the heart of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The idea came in 2015 from the streets of Jeddah, by collecting stories from the public about issues that occupy their minds.

And about her departure from romantic works and her entry into the world of chases and “action” through the movie “Long Trail”, which was recently shown on the “Netflix” platform, and co-starred by the Saudi artist Baraa Alem, she says: “Since my beginning I have been presenting romantic roles, specifically since 2015 when I presented the movie (Baraka Meets Baraka), which at the time of its screening achieved great success in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, as it was one of the first cinematic films shown in the Kingdom.

Fatima is awaiting the screening of her new movie “Basma”, which is her first artistic experience in which she combines writing, directing and acting. And she confirms that Saudi cinema is witnessing tremendous developments, adding: “We will reach globalism soon, if we pay attention to local stories, and present them to the outside world without any additions.”
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