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FCA, Positive First Quarter in the US – Market

The First quarter FCA in the United States in 2021. The team leader of the merger with PSA, which gave life to the new company Stellandis, strengthened its presence in the US market with a 5% increase in sales, bringing the total number of units to 469,651. The Jeep brand It was close to the 200,000 units recorded, so it was the best in the group, thus better than the second and third place favorites Ram and Dodge respectively.

Stellandis, 2 Fiat and a Jeep at the top of the market

Other brands in the group also contributed less: we think of the Chrysler, which delivered 39,737 cars, and the Alfa Romeo and Fiat, which sold 4,646 and 815 units, respectively. In between Less popular cars The Alfa Romeo 4C, Fiat 500L and 500X have 24, 69 and 265 registered units respectively. Instead the positive side of the coin is about the ram pick-ups, which confirmed itself as the group’s best-selling model thanks to the 148,836 units delivered, followed by the 55,198 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 49,646 Wrangler. “This quarter is one Strong resume Sale in the United States – Jeff Comor, FCA Sales President, USA – Consumer demand for our brands and products was very competitive in the first three months. ”

Dodge Charger, Allsta L Unica Hemi R / D in Dark Blue Metallic

It is worth noting that sales of some examples of models that have not been in production for many years. In the first three months of the year, in fact, the FCA team collected sales of two units Dodge Viper, Its production officially ended in 2017: It is not clear how many examples of the American sports car are still in dealership, but nine of these have already sold out overall in 2019 and 2020. But Dodge Viper alone is not worth quoting: i US customers They also bought a Dodge Dart, a Chrysler 200 and four Fiat 500s.

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