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Fears of a "mock operation" are stoking tensions in the Ukraine crisis

Fears of a “mock operation” are stoking tensions in the Ukraine crisis

The pro-Russian separatists said they had discovered a plan it had drawn up Kiev to seize the territory they control in eastern Ukraine by force and they offered a man who they said was spy Ukrainian.

Authorities in the Ukrainian capital quickly dismissed the alleged plan as fake and ignored allegations of espionage in the past, but such reports contribute to an escalation of tension, according to Reuters.

Concerns are growing in Kiev and in the West of the fabrication of a fake operation in eastern Ukraine and the use of Russia her as an excuse to launch an attack.

Russia, which massed forces near the UkraineThe existence of plans for the invasion and refused to talk about carrying out fake operations.

But it said it was concerned about the situation, and separatist authorities in eastern Ukraine began a mass evacuation on Friday, citing fears of a Ukrainian attack.

The Ukrainian authorities deny planning any kind of attack and fear that attempts will increase to create a pretext for a Russian invasion.

The separatists in the Republic Donetsk The self-declared PPP said on Saturday that they had discovered a plan to “cleanse” the pro-Russian region of Russian-speaking people as part of a five-day operation to seize the region by force.

In an interview broadcast on Russia’s state TV Channel 1, a man who the separatists said they held in Donetsk said he had helped Ukraine blow up a separatist leader’s jeep the night before and had smuggled weapons and explosives.

The man added, “I was recruited in 2018.”

He said the person he trained had told him to stay away from high-rise apartment buildings in Donetsk city because artillery would target them and he would put himself in danger.

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