Ali Abdel Rahman (El Gouna, Egypt)

A press conference was held today for the makers of the film Feathers, following its screening yesterday, as part of the activities of the fifth edition of the El Gouna International Film Festival in the feature film competition, in the presence of the director of the work, Omar Al-Zuhairi, and the producer, Shahinaz Al-Akkad.

Omar said at the beginning of the symposium: I learned of the criticism of some of the audience about the film, but I present the cinema in which I am convinced and put my ideas forward, and it is natural that there is a difference of opinion about the film, and when I arrived at the Cannes Festival, I did not know what would happen next.

Regarding the difficulties that the film faced, he said: I had to find a surprise every day at work to build a scene on, and I was afraid to lose these details, and this was my concern until the work was finished, and I have great technical experience through my work in the field of advertising and as an assistant director before I The oldest feathering experiment.

Al-Zuhairi added: I love cinema since I was young and good work should be seen by everyone. Omar added that cinema and art have a role to ask questions and leave the answer to the audience. This is what creates the differences, so the open ending was intended, as I imagined every scene with work before I started filming it.

Regarding his selection of new faces who had not previously worked in the cinema, he continued his speech, saying: I wanted normal people and I imagined every scene in which they stood, and I shot the movie in Cairo. With regard to the directors he was influenced by, he said: Khairy Bishara is the freest in his films and was not embarrassed by them, and I love him as well as Professor Yousry Nasrallah has great credit for me.

Producer Shahinaz Al-Akkad added: The film has nothing to do with Egypt, the film has more than one dramatic line, and it has nothing to do with politics at all. Director Omar Al-Zuhairi showed his abilities and the script is wonderful and attracted me very much to work with him, and the difference in opinion about the film is very good.