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Features and disadvantages of Google's Pixel Watch

Features and disadvantages of Google’s Pixel Watch

Although Google has launched the smart watch operating system since 2014, it did not launch its smart watch until the beginning of last October, with the launch of the Pixel Watch smart watch, which is the first smart watch running Google Android.


Opinions vary about the exterior appearance of the new watch, and some say that it resembles the classic design of the elegant “Bauhaus” wristwatch, created by Swiss designer Max Bell in 1961, while others think that its design is boring because it mimics the design of a traditional wrist watch to a large extent.

There is another drawback in the round screen of the watch compared to the rectangular screen in the Apple Watch, where it is difficult to read long messages, as well as the size of the virtual keyboard on the edges of the screen, so the user is not able to press the correct letter with his finger.

Screen defects

The smartwatch has a 1.6-inch round screen with a resolution of 384 x 384 pixels, and it also has a relatively thick black bezel. But on the other hand, Google’s voice assistant works perfectly, and the AMOLED screen has a brightness of 1000 nits, so that the contents of the screen can be read clearly even in sunlight.

All new watch faces have dark backgrounds, which helps in saving energy, and hides the black screen edge, and each of them offers many customization possibilities.

Google Pay

The watch crown uses a main button, in addition to the ability to invoke the Google Pay payment function for payments without having to take the wallet or smartphone out of the pocket, as well as an additional button above the crown to show the latest applications used on the screen.

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By pressing the button for a long time, the watch is ready to receive voice commands, the concept of use is consistent and works well, and the battery life on it extends for a whole day, similar to the Apple Watch.

Trackers Functions

The company has integrated many functions in the trackers and smart watches of Fitbit, which was acquired by Google, in Pixel Watch, which is equipped with a 6-month subscription to the Fitbit Premium service, and for a monthly or annual subscription, the user can get sleep tips, guided training programs and many more functions other.