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Feel free to bring a bottle on the plane. London Airport lifts restrictions on liquids – Forbes

London City Airport is the first airport in the British capital to lift restrictions on liquids in hand baggage. Thanks to modern scanners, passengers passing through airport security will be able to carry up to two liters of liquids.

They also will not have to put their toiletries in a separate bag, and they will be able to leave laptops and other electronics in hand luggage, Reuters reported.

According to the current rules, passengers can take liquids in containers with a maximum volume of one hundred milliliters in their carry-on baggage. The container containing the liquid had to be placed in a transparent resealable plastic bag and presented separately to security personnel.

These limits have been in place since November 2006 and their introduction ended the previous total ban on liquids on board aircraft, which had been introduced three months earlier. At the time, British police announced that they had thwarted a plot to blow up up to ten planes using explosives hidden in drink bottles. It was also necessary to remove all electronic devices from hand baggage and submit them for examination separately.

Britain plans to install the new scanners in all airports by June 2024. This should help ease queues at security checks as passengers will no longer have to remove so many items from their baggage.

London City Airport mainly serves European destinations. It is the busiest UK airport to introduce this technology to date. The first was the smaller Teesside airport in the North East of England earlier this year.

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