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Fencing and building 649 vacant lands on the main roads

spotted Jeddah MunicipalityThe commitment of the owners of 649 vacant plots of land to the implementation of the first phase of the decision to fence vacant lands on the main axes and roads in the governorate.

The land plots included 560 plots located within the targeted areas in the first phase, of which 170 lands were fenced off, and building permits were issued for about 390 lands, at a time when the owners of 89 vacant lands located outside the currently targeted areas were committed to implementing the decision, before the start of the implementation of the second phase, which was scheduled in the first. From March 2023.

The work of the Secretariat during the first phase of implementing the decision to fence the vacant lands witnessed the monitoring of 770 vacant lands located on 11 roads and a main axis, which are represented in the roads: “King Abdul Aziz, Andalusia – Prince Majid bin Abdulaziz – Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz – King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz – King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz – Madinah”, in addition to the streets: “Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz – Al Salam – Sari – Hira – Palestine”.

The Municipality of Jeddah implemented the decision in several gradual steps, first announcing the targeted axes, and then launching the fencing guide, with the continuation of control work, application of the regulation, and monitoring of owners’ compliance, while calling on the remaining landowners located within the scope of the first stage, to comply quickly in order to avoid imposing violations and applying regulations against them. .

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